Southern Belles don’t drink….We sip, darlin ;-)

Published January 16, 2013 by jrm17

I’ve got a friend on Facebook who posted all weekend about having strawberry daiquiris…which clearly means that I really want one now but that’s beside the point (Especially when there’s a bottle of raspberry Sparkletini in the fridge).  However, that got me thinking about how when my friends and I drink, we never really have drinks like a strawberry daiquiri.  We always have some weird combination or variation that we’ve made up or beer.  So I thought I’d share a few of our specialties (Okay, really only me and my best friend because we’re the girls and that’s what we do).

This first one makes for a very good smoothie when you are out on the hot dock, which is when we made it up.  We filled the blender with frozen fruit first.  I think we had peaches and some mixed berries (I’m not positive on the peaches but it sounds like something we would do).  I like to use frozen fruit anytime I’m trying to make a smoothie because it negates the need for ice.  You are killing two birds with one stone because the fruit acts as if it were the ice, giving it a nice smoothie texture.  The next thing we added was Firefly Raspberry Tea Vodka.  I will tell you right now that I thought this stuff was the most disgusting thing I ever put in my mouth when I drank it straight.  However, when you mix it with fruit, it works pretty darn well.  We topped it off with some bubbly.  We used the Bitch Bubbly that we had opened but I’m sure using the raspberry Sparkletini would be really good (Don’t use the peach.  That’s really artificial tasting and made me sad).  Add as much or as little of either alcohol as you want.  We don’t measure on anything but how drunk we want to get and these weren’t super strong but they could be made stronger.  Us being us, we put them in fancy pants little cute cups and had a pretty colored straw as we pranced our way to the dock.

Our next drink has two variations you can make.  I made one and it has become my drink of choice and Kat made the other on New Year’s Eve and I hate to say it but I think she improved on my recipe.  You’ve heard of people drinking sweet tea and bourbon, right?  It’s a thing we love in the South.  Well, have you heard of these honey versions of JD, Wild Turkey, and Evan Williams?  If not, go get a bottle now.  I absolutely love the Evan Williams but I love it even more in my sweet tea.  I’ve had it with hot tea or with cold (depending on my mood) and it works great either way.  The Evan Williams is really smooth and has a nice honey taste that finished with the whiskey taste.  Now, for Kat’s version, we rednecked it up a bit.  Now, I’m not going to incriminate myself or nothing but let’s just say that we aren’t unfamiliar with that delicious liquid that you drink out of a Mason jar.  And the kind made with real peaches and just a little bit of a burn might be real good.  And it also might be real good if you add it to you honey liquor and tea, giving you a sweet combination of all our favorite Southern flavors.  My theory was that I can use this as medicine for two reasons.  One is that everyone knows you add honey to your hot tea when your throat hurts and two is that my great grandpappy used to put fireballs in his straight shine and that was his “cough medicine” (It really did kick the cough right out of him).

Now, this one really isn’t a big deal nor something no one’s heard of but we like to make it a lot so why not tell y’all, too.  You’ll need your blender again and this time fill it with your favorite flavor of ice cream.  We’ve been using cookie dough, which is working really well.  You’ve got two liquors to add or your choice of one of them.  Cupcake makes this chocolate vodka.  I know you are probably thinking it can’t taste good but it actually does taste really good with or without a mixer.  Anyway, that’s your first liquor.  The second is Kahlua.  We use the homemade kind that my great grandpappy’s best friend makes but I’m sure the actual brand kind would be just as good.  That’s all you need and hit the mix button.  I prefer to do it with either both or just the Kahlua because I like getting that mix of coffee flavor in there with the chocolate but this is perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth.  Kat’s fiance, who is quite the light weight and girl drink drunk, loves this.  He liked it when we tried with Bailey’s but that one kind of made me feel gross and I didn’t think it tasted all that great.  I guess if you like Bailey’s, you could try it because we have one vote for it.

Well, that’s it.  We really should make names for these but Kat and I tend to just yell, “Hey, let’s make that drink we made at the riverhouse with the *insert contents*”  Then again, we could be making drinks that already exist and we just don’t know it.  So if any of y’all know the names of our drinks or come up with a good one, let us know and we will definitely give you some credit for it.  Enjoy!

Oh, and on a side note, if you don’t have access to shine and still want that peach taste, grab a bottle of original Southern Comfort.  The taste is a little more artificial but you won’t know the difference if you are not drinking anything with real peaches in it at the same time (Trust me, don’t do that.  It’s icky in your mouth).


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