So Much Personality in Such Little Creatures

Published January 23, 2013 by jrm17
My fighter: Cooper

My fighter: Cooper

We have a new edition to our family.  No, not a baby in human form but a kitten.  Her name is Dixie Annie in honor of our beloved South and the Pistol Annies and let me tell you, she is such a little firecracker that she would fit in with those girls.  While she is cat number four, it took her coming along for us to realize just how different our animals personalities are.  It took one little thing but our house is quite full now with critters and personalities.

Cat number one was Duke.  He was less than 4 ounces when we saved him after his mama abandoned him in our wood pile.  Since then things have only gotten bigger.  Dukie is now 28 pounds (His claim to fame is that he is the fattest cat at the Jefferson County Animal Clinic).  However, you’d be surprised at how agile our fatty is.  Anyway, about his personality.  He is the most chill cat out of them all.  Everyone loves Duke because nothing bothers him.  You sit in his chair, he’s going to plop down on your lap and expect you to rub his head (The secret spot is under his chin).  If he decides he wants rubbed any other time, he’ll get up from his chair and plop on your lap again until you perform your task.  He can be pretty persistent about getting his head rubbed but that’s cool because he’s Duke and no matter how heavy he gets, he’s just a cool cat.  The best part of him is he likes to play a really awesome game where if he meows and you meow back, you can have this hour long conversation in cat (I’m pretty sure he just yells at me for mocking him the entire time but I have some fun doing it).

After Dukie came along Cooper.  He’s been my favorite from the very beginning.  He’s really fluffy and soft and when he wants to be, he is the sweetest and cuddliest cat possible.  It takes getting him pretty sleepy or a rainy day but he will roll over so you rub his belly and rub up against you and he’s just really sweet.  It’s even cuter because he’s got a funny face where he’s all back except a white face with a black nose, a spotted tummy, and white boots but one has a black dot.  There’s another side of Cooper, too, though.  He’s a fighter.  Our little lefty gets into more fights than any of the other cats combined.  He has come home with bites that have been so serious we thought he’d die; he came home with a leg that we were positive was broken until it turned out to be a really bad infected bite.  He is now the cat of four ears because he’s gotten into fights with some stray cats around that have made notches in his ears.  He may have a very whiny meow and a penchant for deli ham (One of the stinkiest things on the planet if you ask me) but he is my cat.  I think he might be everyone’s favorite but at the very least, I know he’s mine.

Ding Dong is cat number three.  His real name is Jasper but I’ve nicknamed him this since we first got him and his personality explains it all.  He’s just always a little…dingy.  He’s goofy and kind of dumb but I think he just doesn’t realize it.  He’ll sit at walls and stare.  He’ll stare at things like he’s trying to figure out how to do something but then will just walk away.  But don’t let that little dumbness fool you.  He’s the bully of the group.  Cooper may be a fighter but Ding Dong is a bully.  Ever since we got the new kitty he has been on her like a snake on a frog.  He will pick fights with any other cat just because he wants to.  Most recently, we’ve seen him walk by the new kitty and just bop her on the head, hiss, growl, and walk away because he thinks he runs things.  Little does he know that he really doesn’t but we let him believe what he wants since he’s just a dingdong.

Finally, we have little Miss Dixie…or as I have began calling her, Crazy.  I’ve discussed it with my best friend and we just think that girl cats have more personality than all three boys combined.  She is so nosy.  She sticks her head any and everywhere; I’ve just sat and watched her as she climbs into some of the places she has including my empty dresser draw when I was cleaning out my clothes.  She is sneaky, too.  As soon as she hears someone in the kitchen or a door open, she’s right there.  She likes to try to sneak outside because she knows she’s not allowed to be out there until the vet gives her the ok because she was sick.  But she’s only nosy when she’s not being obnoxious.  Sometimes there’s nothing more entertaining than watching her because she will run from the bedroom to the living room back to the bedroom to downstairs and then start it all over.  She might only weigh 5 pounds but she makes more noise than big ole’ Dukie running.  The other morning she was so noisy running up and down the hall at 6 a.m. that she rammed her head into my door.  I let her in and she laid down to sleep…for about 30 seconds before she was ready to go again.  I love her to death because she’s so funny but I’m pretty sure Ding Dong likes to bop her because she’s so crazy.

We’ve had a lot of dogs with different personalities but I think cats have more personality than any dog I’ve ever met.  Dogs all seem to have the same personality.  They are friendly and floppy and funny.  Cats, though, are like people.  They have their moods and their likes and dislikes and there isn’t any changing them once they get started.  But, they are so darn cute that they will win you over eventually even if you hate cats.


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