What’s A Trivet and Why Do I Need One (I Actually Know This Answer)?

Published February 8, 2013 by jrm17

With my best friend getting married, I’m getting a sneak peak into the things I might have to do someday–dresses, shoes, invitations….and wedding registry.  I think we’re finished for the most part but it’s something that I’m not so sure I’m looking forward to.  At Kohl’s, they just handed us a scanner and sent us out on our own, but at Bed, Bath, and Beyond, we had a lady literally give us a tour of the store and offer us drinks and take our purses and try to figure Kat out in about 5 minutes of knowing her.  However, both places had something in common: they both gave us checklists to make sure we got everything her and her future husband will need.  I’m not quite so sure they know what a modern just-married couple needs based on these lists.Here’s a few of the things that I found really odd about these checklists.  There’s a lot of things that I would have never thought of adding to my registry nor would I have thought that I needed.  First off is the whole formal dining ware.  I am fairly confident that I will never have a time when I would use nice plates.  Partly because I’d be afraid of breaking them and partly because I will never host something fancy enough to use these plates.  I may have experienced some sticker shock when I saw how much the plates Kat picked out were.  She chose a really nice setting that is very cute and her but I can’t imagine having plates that cost that much.  Granted, I know Kat really wants them and that she will find a reason to use them (I think there was something about her possibly hosting a holiday at some point or something about when she has both sets of parents over) but I am certainly not that kind of girl.  We use plates you can pop in the microwave and drop without breaking because they are made of plastic or Styrofoam ones in my house….how you like them redneck apples?

Then there’s appliance that I’m really not sure why we are told we need them.  How often do you actually use a wok or a waffle maker?  I’ve spent a good deal of dinners and breakfasts at Kat’s house and lived with her (read: in charge of the kitchen) on vacation.  Never have I seen her use either of these things.  I’ll admit that we do like to order pizza or grill or have crabs or have Kat’s mom fix us food when we’re having a party but I would know if she does a lot.  I eat dinner there about once a month and am there when they are fixing dinner a good bit.  As for waffles, I know Kat likes to make pancakes a lot of mornings but I’ve never seen her make waffles.  I can see this one being used a lot more than a wok but hey, the bride gets what the bride wants, right?  Right.

But that’s just it, she didn’t want any of these things when we were in Kohl’s.  While we were out on our own, she kept saying how she wanted to register for practical things and how she didn’t want anything too fancy.  Literally, she picked the least fancy blender possible to put on the registry (This may have something to do with it being easier to use when we’re drunk and making drinks but neither of us said anything.  We scanned and proceeded to the crock pots).  Then when we were in Bed, Bath, and Beyond with our bridal registry guru, Kat needed everything.  I don’t blame her; I blame the company (I’d blame the lady but I know it was her job and she was trying to be helpful.  She was very nice and took an interest in all of us).  Our guru kept asking us, “Well, what about this?  Did you register for this yet?  I love mine.  Did you think about this?”  It was a really fun experience for Kat and who can blame her?  How many times do you get to ask people for presents this expensive albeit useful?  She’s got good expectations.  She’s even told me which items are ones where she’s just registering because she likes it but she won’t care if they don’t get it.

Of course, our guide to the wonders of Bed, Bath, and Beyond did tell us a lot of things we didn’t know and that was really helpful to Kat (and me if I get married one day…or actually, even if I buy a house one day).  We learned about the differences between nonstick pans.  There are ones they just spray paint nonstick stuff onto, and there are the good ones that are put through a chemical process to make them literally nonstick.  We learned how many sets of plates you should have and sets of sheets (That one was really cool.  It’s 3: one for bed, one for washing machine, and one for the closet).  The two of us were good at choosing things like trivets (because those are really important I have learned from my mom) and spatulas and mixing bowls and things that are used to make cookies and pizza because that’s what we do.

In the end, I’m glad I got to be part of this with Kat.  I’m happy to be there as maid of honor on the big day and as her best friends/helper every other day.  It’s a really stressful time but a really fun time for two very important people to me (The groom is a good friend and Michael’s best friend).  Together we’ll get through at least one wedding and make one of us have a house full of fun grown up stuff that we will hate sometime down the road (That just calls for more shopping, right?).  More than anything, I’ve learned that there’s a lot that goes into weddings and bless Kat’s heart for doing this so well, being so strong, and doing with a groom who is not as helpful as she would like during the process.  But that’s what I’m here for.  Just call me the Jared replacement.


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