LARP is a Weird Word But Nerds Love It

Published February 11, 2013 by jrm17

So I’ve never actually LARPed and to be honest, I never knew what it was until they talked about it Supernatural during “The Monster At The End of This Book,” but it seems to be more out there in the pop culture world than I realized so I decided to do a little investigating on it.  Okay, if I’m being honest with y’all, it’s because I’m watching Role Models and because the last episode of Supernatural that I really liked was “LARP and the Real Girl” (Let’s tell the truth and all admit that we love Charlie).  So let’s see what this stuff is all about and thank the good Lord that my nerdy boyfriend is not this nerdy.

Okay, first of all there’s like a legit web page for LARPing.  And the very first post on this page tells me about an event that’s giving numbers that I would have never thought existed.  Apparently, over 5500 players go to this and more than 1500 NPCs and tribe actors (I need to further dive into nerd world and figure out what the heck NPCs and tribe actors for.  Are there actually people who are paid to do this or something?).  I mean I realize that nerd is the new…whatever and it’s really popular to be a nerd since Big Bang Theory made it cool (I’m not so sure on this King of the Nerds show though.  They just seem a little scary) but I didn’t realize that there were that many hard-core nerds.  I mean sure ComiCon is huge and whatever but more than just nerds go there (I’m only saying this because I so would just to meet anyone remotely related to Supernatural and Vampire Diaries…and Big Bang Theory).

According to this site, LARPing is not what I think it is because of Role Models (Haha it really does say that.  Score one of irony).  It’s this huge event where people take on characters and act out as if they were actually that person.  So it’s like acting only less cool because it’s more Dungeon and Dragons and less…normal?  I’m still not sure on this one but apparently, LARPers get really immersed in it.  It says that when in the event, the characters are supposed to have no knowledge of our world and know only of there’s.  Awww….it also says that the only real winning in LARPing is keeping old friends and making new friends.  Oh my gosh!  That’s so cute.  Is this how really nerdy guys make friends because I might send Michael to one if it’ll make me laugh this much?  I mean let’s see it on Big Bang and get Sheldon to make some new friends (Okay, enemies) because we all know it can’t be all Charlie gets a hot fairy and Dean all hot leading his army like in Supernatural (Though my used-to-have obsession with fanfic may have made it an alternate reality in my head).

Oh, look, there are rules!  This could get interesting.  If you are inside the barriers, you must be pretending.  You know, if it weren’t for the context of the events being all magical and sci-fi-ish, then I might not find it so weird.  If it were playing out as if we were in Supernatural Land or Vampire Diaries World, then I might be willing to give this a shot.  I was the best pretender there was in my elementary school.  Wait…does that mean I was actually LARPing when my friends and I were pretending we were wizards and had our own Platform 9 3/4 and everything?  So it seems like the rules are fairly arbitrary and it depends on the group you are with for what the rules are.  Interesting….  But the author of this page does end with saying that his definition of LARPing is collaborative pretending with rules because everyone must work together instead of one player ruling the whole script.

There is a list of LARPing events.  Oh my gosh!  I have to find out what’s near me.  Aww, they are all more towards the cities.  I won’t say where exactly in case Michael is finding this really funny and thinking about doing it because I like the level of nerd he is now.  We don’t need to take it any farther or else he’ll be like his best friend…and there’s a reason Kat gets annoyed with him a lot.  Oh, man, one is all about vampires.  I might have just gotten interested. Wait, never mind.  There’s a ten-sided dice involved.  That takes things a little too far for me and let’s just say I had no clue what was going on the last time one of them tried to teach me a game using multiple dice with lots of sides…and they were all drunk…I was not.

I’m scrolling through the posts and got happy when I saw they mentioned Supernatural from a few weeks ago (Seriously, one of the better episodes from this season.  Things really haven’t been the same since Season 4 or 5.  I can never decide when it made a wrong turn but definitely after Kripke left).  Aww, yay!  He thought they did a good job of portraying it.  I’ve always loved that the crew has been so good at staying true to things like that and true to folklore and everything.  I really think it was one of the things that made the show so awesome in the beginning.  Anyway back to this LARPing thing.  LARPers apparently like cute nerd girls.  The guy who writes the blog likes the girl who plays Charlie on Supernatural a lot and she’s cute in the nerdy girl way (Though I’d like to point out she is a lesbian on the show which seems to me like a weird crush to have.  Why not stick to liking the girl when she’s into guys ergo she could actually be into you?).  Then there’s this girl who posts YouTube videos called Larp Girl.  I haven’t watched any of the videos but from the stills she looks cute….maybe even the kind of girl I would assume the guys checked out before Kat and I came along.

Anyway, I don’t know what I think about this LARPing thing.  I get the point and I like the point but I’m thinking if you have to continue to reiterate that it’s not as dorky as it seems in Role Models, then it might actually be that dorky.  I’m not lying though.  We create a Supernatural one or Vampire Diaries and I will totally take part in it.  I would like to be a hunter who saves Dean and well, we know what happens with him and strong girls ;-).

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