Kissy Kissy Smoochy Smoochy Day

Published February 15, 2013 by jrm17

Well, I may be behind but I’m lacking inspiration and I was writing a really nice (albeit serious) blog about alcholism when the Internet went out and I lost a fully done post.  Anyway, I figured since the holiday is over now, I can tell you about what I did for Michael for Valentine’s Day.  This was our second one together but since we are in the whole money saving period, we decided to spend less this year (or at least I did) so here’s some ideas on cheap (but cute if you ask me) gifts for the big day to keep in mind for next year.

I seriously had my idea for his present since November when my friend Kate thought of it for Christmas.  Michael likes his beer and we happen to spend a lot of time in Frederick, MD…you know, the home of Flying Dog.  So why not give him a tour of the brewery?  It’s only $5 for a 2-hour tour that includes 5 samples and a commemorative glass.  I might not like beer but I like glass wear so I’m excited if I’m the one he’s taking with him.  Since you have to make reservations and I wanted him to pick when to go in case he had to work or wanted to take one of his friends, I made an IOU for him.  I made it out for one brewery tour and tied it to a 6-pack of Old Scratch (He likes lager and I couldn’t find the Gonzo one that I really wanted to get him) with ribbon.  I thought it was a creative way to give a gift he can’t yet have.

To add to the manliness of the gift (I was really trying not to make this a girl holiday for him), I decided to go with a snack to accompany the beer.  Now, you could go with the obvious: pretzels, Doritos, peanuts, whatever makes your guy happily snacking away.  I was in Target with my best friend when inspiration hit me.  You see, on our first vacation, Michael bought a big container of those frosted animal crackers with sprinkles.  They are seriously like crack.  However, the container was so big that we barely ate any and the two of us had to end up finishing it off after we got home (Miserable I know).  While we were shopping, I found a bag of the animal crackers and thought it would be good since I don’t think he’s had any since that fateful trip.  Plus, it’s something different than your normal chocolates, baked goods, or bar foods that you get with Valentine’s Day or beer.

There was one more guy gift up my sleeve and this one was even cheaper because it was homemade.  I made him scratch off tickets.  I followed the directions and made him four cards.  Each one had a different theme.  My favorite was where the prizes are different dates.  I gave the choices of a romantic date, a goofy date, or an adventure date.  I had idea for the first two but I’m really hoping he gets the adventure date.  I’ve got a great idea and it’s something I’ve actually been wanting to do for a while.  The other cards were things like small things I’d do for him like make dinner or buy the next round of drinks or get the ice cream the next time we go out for it.  They were cute little things that he normally does for me but I will do for him, too.  We’ll see how much he likes it when he scratches them, I guess.

I did one last thing for Michael (Other than making a card because I didn’t want to spend money on that).  This one was a little cheesy and kind of girly but I thought it was a really sweet idea and that he would appreciate.  One of the things I love about Michael is that he’s not afraid to be romantic or proud of our relationship.  He loves being a good boyfriend (when he wants to be) and being in our relationship.  So, I put my writing abilities to work.  I grabbed a notebook we had lying around and started writing our love story.  I wrote the story of how we met, our first couple adventures together because that first week just seemed like one big date, how our relationship has grown and evolved, and where it is now.  I added a list of things I love about him, a list of our firsts, some funny facts about us, and my list of how I see our future (All things I’m sure he disagrees with but I’m just putting it out there I want our children named, Anderson and Annabeth, and our dog, Tammy Wynette).  I finished it with a note to him about loving him and knowing that he was thinking how lame I was and that I left about 2/3 of the notebook empty so we could fill it with the rest of our story.  I thought it was cute.  Whitney thought it was cute.  It’s not really a boy present but I put a lot of work and thought into it so it was appreciated.

In total, I really only spent about $20.  I know I spent more last year and I’m a lot happier with these presents.  These were more from the heart even though I had very good reasons to get him a Zach Britton shirt and Baby Ruths last year.  I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day.  Michael says it’s our one day to be all romantic and lovey and everything but I think that’s our anniversary.  I think that day’s a lot more important (Michael does, too, but I think I refuse to go on dates so often so we can save that he’s taking any opportunity now).  All in all, it was a fun day.  We saw Beautiful Creatures, ate out, shopped small, and enjoyed each others company and that’s really what it’s all about right?  Of course, my mommy and daddy and pappy and Whitney and I are Valentine’s, too, but I love making Michael happy with good presents.


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