It’s Wine O’Clock Somewhere

Published March 4, 2013 by jrm17

I am nothing if not a deep believer in Southern traditions.  However, the big difference between a GRITS and Southern Belles is a 6-pack, and I for one am always going to pick the alcohol.  I like my wine as much as our beloved Scarlett O’Hara liked her brandy.  That’s why when I saw this recipe on Pinterest for a strawberry lemonade Moscato concoction, I knew I had to get my butt to Wal-Mart ASAP.  You can’t go wrong in mixing something as awesome as strawberry lemonade with something as good as Mosacto if you ask me.  But, you know I had to mix things up a little bit and make the recipe my own.

Now, the regular recipe is just a cocktail.  I prefer frozen drinks, though, and have had a itch for a strawberry daiquiri lately.  This definitely made up for that, but that’s what inspired my twists on it.

Instead of regular, ho-hum strawberries, I picked up a bag of frozen ones.  Here’s a little trick that I love to use when making smoothies and such.  When the recipe calls for both berries and ice, you can skip the ice and use frozen berries.  They work just the same as putting both in the blender, and they allow your drink to be all berry, not watered down and crunchy from the ice.  Or, if it’s a frozen coffee drink, you can freeze your coffee beforehand, and you won’t water anything down because the coffee cubes will work just as well.  It’s one of my favorite smoothie tricks.

My second change to things was instead of the lemon juice and basil and sugar, I just poured in some Vitamin Water Zero in lemonade flavor.  I drink the stuff religiously so I figured why go through all that trouble and add calories to my drink when I can add some good lemonade(ish) to it without the calories.  Really, you could use any lemonade you have laying around, but I just really love the Vitamin Water.

The directions are pretty simple to follow.  (Just don’t have your blender smoking like I did.  I thought we’d lost it there for a minute.  Turned out just to be a bit dusty.)  Add in your strawberries first.  I tried them really frozen and a little thawed.  If you like thick drinks like I do, then just throw them in straight out of the freezer, but if you like a more liquid smoothie, then pop them in the microwave to defrost a few seconds.  Next you add the liquids.  I used Barefoot Moscato because it’s my favorite, but use whatever brand you prefer.  I didn’t make my first batch with too much wine because my mom was drinking some and she’s not the biggest fan.  Add the amounts of wine and lemonade to your preference.  My second batch had about 4 ounces of wine and 1 or 2 of lemonade, which was about perfect for me.

Blend that up until it reaches the consistency you like.  I prefer to have to eat mine with a spoon, but to each their own.  This seriously is my new favorite drink ever.  I sat myself down on the couch with a Solo cup full and my copy of Scarlett and relaxed after a trying day of finishing almost all of Safe Haven.  (What can I say?  I have a hard life.  Okay, I just had a free day for once and 8 books by my bed so figured I’d get my reading on.)

I know this is a short post, but I just couldn’t keep this one to myself.  I’ve already got my mom telling our wine drinker friend about this.  It’s going to be the drink of my summer as far as I’m concerned.  So drink up and maybe read some Gone with the Wind.  I will commend anyone else who made it through all 1,400+ pages as good as they may be.


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