Let It Snow…Somewhere Else, Please

Published March 6, 2013 by jrm17

All I have heard about for days now is this snow.  Yes, we are supposed to get inches upon inches that may accumulate up to 2 feet, but so what?  It’s not like we haven’t had it before.  And it’s not like I’m going to like it anymore than I have before.  It’s still going to suck, and I have no clue what is so fascinating about this one.  Or why there is such an uproar over it.

Yes, you should be prepared for this snow.  However, you should not over do it.  It’s supposed to be 50 degrees on Thursday people.  That means snow will melt.  Tuesday is Mom’s grocery store day, and we all knew it was going to be Hell for her before she went.  She said that there was people everywhere, and she didn’t even get her parking space–or near it.  One older lady Mom fought with because she was rude and wouldn’t move her cart.  Instead, this lady butted her’s into Mom’s and made my mom mad.  Another lady, Mom said, had 4 gallons of milk.  How long is she planning on being stuck inside her house?  Or does she actually drink 4 gallons of milk in one day?  Mom and I will be lucky to be stuck inside for one day let alone multiple.  If it wouldn’t mean my pappy yelling at us, we’d probably take the Jeep out in the middle of it all.  We live in Maryland.  It’s not like all this is something out of left field here.

We have all we need to survive.  Pappy’s been making sure everything on the generator works.  See, we’re smart.  We know that living out in the sticks means that you run the risk of losing electricity…a lot.  So we have one that runs the whole house.  It might use gas like crazy, but it keeps us all from going nuts.

To go with that, we’ve already got everything possible to keep us entertained because we all know I will not be spending my free time wisely on homework.  Since I finally finished Gone With The Wind after weeks of reading it (Okay, maybe it just seemed like weeks.  I’m not sure.  I loved it but it didn’t go quickly.), we are going to watch that.  It’s nice that we finally have time to watch it without interrupting any good television shows.  We’ve also got season 1 of Hart of Dixie, season 3 of Vampire Diaries, all of The West Wing, and season 1 of Blue Bloods.  That’s not to say we won’t end up watching Friday Night Lights…again because we love our Timmy Riggins or Sweet Home Alabama.

Then we’ve got cupcake mix.  I saw the Happy Birthday funfetti icing at Wal-Mart the other day.  Sadly, Martin’s is apparently not carrying it because I really wanted cupcakes with neon pink and purple icing, but we’ve got cake mix and chocolate icing.  There’s nothing a little baking (and a little cupcake eating) won’t fix–even if the thing that needs fixing is infinite boredom thanks to that miserable white stuff on the ground.

We’ve also got the secret to snow days in the fridge…2 bottles of it in fact.  I’ve got my Moscato waiting for me.  I’m really excited to try the FlipFlop brand.  Lord knows that I love just about everything that involves flipflops or the beach.  You see, we started a little tradition for snow days 2 years ago when it snowed on Halloween.  (I am still really bitter about that.)  We spent the entire weekend without electricity and as stuck as we’ve been in a while at home.  I had some stuff I’d had for the party I didn’t get to go to, and we chose that eating out was what we were going to do since it’s the only reason we had to leave.  We spent the entire weekend drinking Twisted Tea and eating sushi and buffalo chicken dip.  Mom and I had a plan to make a big pot of slippery pot pie today, but she didn’t feel like fighting people to go back and get the chicken broth when she forgot it yesterday.  Who can blame her right?  Her solution (which makes me laugh): chicken dip and a day of nothing but snack foods.  I don’t know if my fear of not fitting into this bridesmaids dress come October will like it, but my mouth sure will for a while.  (Plus, we have a two boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.)

But what happens if the electric goes out, you may ask.  Well, that’s simple.  We turn on the generator.  However, if the cable goes out and we run out of DVDs, there’s a stack of books next to my bed that are just waiting for me.  I’m already about 150 pages into Scarlett, and Rhett Butler’s People, Beautiful Chaos, and John Jakes’s North and South series are just itching to be opened.  Call me a nerd or a bookworm or whatever, but I tore my way through Safe Haven in about a day and a half so I could get to these.

Truth be told, I will do some homework, and I’ve got an interview set up for my next article, but trust me: all these things will happen because when you spend 24 hours in your house.  I’m still confused as to why people who have lived in this state worry so much about something that regularly happens, but to each their own I guess.  Here’s to getting this winter crap over with and getting to spring and baseball season.


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