Mac and Cheese Please!

Published March 11, 2013 by jrm17

There happened to be a baby shower I refused to go to yesterday so I was left to my own devices for food.  I’d been thinking baked potato and sweet bologna sandwich, but then I thought mac and cheese.  Then I made it even better because I thought spicy mac and cheese.  I searched and searched until I found this recipe and went at it (sort of).

First of course, you need you ingredients as always right?  Grab a box of macaroni noodles or really whatever noodles you want.  I truly debated rotini noodles until I saw we actually have elbow noodles for once.  The other things you’ll need is cheese (I went with cheddar and a little mozzarella), a can of Rotel, spinach, milk, and flour.  Other than the Rotel, it’s nothing you don’t typically have in the pantry, right?  Right…except we usually have Rotel, too.

Begin with boiling your noodles.  I let mine go for about 6 minutes because I like my noodles firm and al dente.  Be sure to add enough salt to the water first because I apparently did not add enough and my noodles stuck together.  Lucky for me, I like clumpy pasta.  Drain the water off it once it is done and transfer it to a bowl.  Also, make sure the bowl is big enough to stir in.  I put the pasta into a bowl that basically only held it and then had to get another one out because I really don’t think when I’m doing these things…or when I’m hungry.

Next you have to make the cheese sauce.  I followed the instructions from here…kind of.  I either didn’t read the instructions right or she didn’t write them well.  I’d probably go with the first one because I tend to not read directions carefully and end up with some weird concoction that no one actually wants to eat.  Anyway, the key here is to follow carefully.  Add the cup of milk to the sauce pan to heat and add the other half of a cup and flour to a bowl to mix.  I added everything into the saucepan right away, and it didn’t turn out very creamy.  I used about a bag of shredded cheddar cheese and then ended up putting some mozzarella on top when I decided it wasn’t cheesy enough halfway through my bowl.  That made it good and cheesy.  Here’s a tip.  Just make the cheese sauce in the same pan you cooked the noodles to save yourself the extra dirty pan to wash.


Here’s where we get my spin on it.  I added the can of Rotel as the original recipe said for some spice.  I drained the can though because I never really like having all that liquid out of the can in whatever I’m making.  That goes right into the cheese sauce.  Then to it, I added a few handfuls of spinach.  I’m fairly confident I can add spinach to anything and be happy.  I love the extra value it adds, and spinach is one of my favorite vegetables.  The whole bad could have been used I think, but I didn’t want to run out of spinach in case we have salads soon.  I wanted to add some broccoli and peppers and other vegetables, but we really need to go to the grocery store so we didn’t have any.  Finally to the cheese sauce, I threw in some bacon.  Bacon is another thing that I could add to almost anything.  You could add some chicken or whatever meat you wanted to add.

Pour that over your noodles and mix so that each yummy little elbow is covered is cheesy, spicy, spinachy (I’m creating words now) goodness.

Then dig in!  I want to try this with the original Velveeta way that is in the recipe next.  I’m a big fan of that cheese.  Either way, this was a really good dinner.  It was pretty good cold when I went back for more later on, too.  Seriously, you can’t satiate my hunger anymore.  Oh well, more cooking for me.


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