Say Yes To The Bride

Published March 13, 2013 by jrm17

Since Kat got engaged, I’ve been doing a lot of wedding stuff and all my maid of honor duties.  There’s been dress shopping and shoe shopping and registry shopping.  It seems like all we’ve done is shop now that I think about it, but I swear we are actually getting stuff done.  Yesterday was girls day for us so we used our time wisely (in sorts) to do some bachelorette party planning and some actual day of planning.  We are still missing shoes (Cute and practical shoes are seeming utterly evasive), but make up and party is under way.

We don’t really want to spend a lot of money for the party, and there will only be about 3 of us there so far–me, the other bridesmaid, and the bride–but we’ve got a pretty good time planned.  We’ll be going out for dinner, and then we are hitting the bar for drinks and karaoke.  There may be some going back home to play Just Dance afterwards, but you never know what we’ll get into when it comes to me, Jeannie, and Kat.

No bachelorette party is complete with a bridal party entourage t-shirt…or so we have decided.  We had found a few that we really liked in the past, including almost all of them here.  However, we wanted one that would fit each of our personalities.  Our solution: we make our own!  So off we went to AC Moore to buy t-shirts.  I got gray (stupid store not having black in my size); Kat got bright blue; Jeannie got pink.  And then we bought glitter paint.  Lots and lots of glitter paint.  You can’t have enough of it really and the more glitter the better.  It’s definitely a more is more situation we have on our hands here.

Now, we haven’t actually finished them yet because the paint just would not dry on the front, but I can explain to you our cute yet cheap shirts and the benefits of us doing this.  First off, we saved big money here.  Each shirt was only $2.99 and whatever paint cost, but it did not add up to $24 per shirt that is for sure.  We each got to pick a shirt that was a color we loved or paint color we love.  Kat is a blue girl and, while Jeannie and I both love pink, I was able to get a shirt that I could paint pink and purple on.  Plus, glitter.  You may be able to bling out your shirts on websites, but we didn’t have to pay extra for it, and seriously, it’s glitter.  We got pink glitter, purple glitter, silver glitter, and gold glitter.  It’s a beautiful thing.  Finally, we get to have whatever sayings on the shirt and pictures and whatever we want on them.

On the front, we decided on Team Kat, stealing the idea from the shirt we liked the most during our Internet searching.  We each have it written in a different color with two hears around it.  We are going to steal the saying from the back of the same shirt and have it say “One last fling before the ring!” in different colors.  I’m going to try to figure out how to paint a ring so we can make it look super cute.  At the bottom will be our names with our role in the wedding (i.e. Kat- Bride, Jess- Maid of Honor, Jeannie- Bridesmaid).  We’ll be the best dressed girls at whatever bar we hit that night for sure.

The final thing we got done (sort of) is Kat’s makeup.  I’m doing it for her because it’ll save her money and we won’t have to rush to another place that day.  We had to make an Ulta trip for lip stuff, but we have three options to figure out which one before October.

We wanted to do a smoky eye with a light lip.  The colors couldn’t be too pink or too dark though because of Kat’s blonde hair and light skin.  It wasn’t too tough, and we didn’t do too bad in the end.

The first option was an eye with a Smashbox shadow in Brazilian something or another.  I didn’t realize how long I had this one until I went to find it online and realized that Smashbox doesn’t even make this kind of shadow anymore.  It’s a medium cocoa brown with a slight golden shimmer to it.  We paired with with black mascara on the top lashes and a light brown shimmer on the inner corner of her eyes.  Her lips, like in all her faces, had the Ulta lip crayon in Bon Voyage and a slightly pink lipgloss over top.  At first we loved this, but it’s actually the last option right now.

Option number two is interesting.  We kept the same lips, mascara, and inner shimmer, but changed the shadow.  Our first layer was Half Baked by Urban Decay.  It’s a light gold that’s actually really wearable on normal occasions.  I have a really cool look with half the lid Half Baked and half in another Urban Decay color, Shotgun, a light shimmery pink.  Of course, like almost all Urban Decay shadows, it’s a very shimmery color.  On top of that, we put Twice Baked by Urban Decay, a dark brown with a small bit of shimmer.  This is the winning makeup so far, but we did try one other look.

Still the same lip and blah blah blah with a different shadow.  Hey, when we find something that works, we stick with it.  From an older Stila palette, the Paris one, we used a kind of dark wine color that looked really pretty on Kat’s fair skin.  My girl loves her shine and glitter so we had to add a little more bling to her eye.  Over that, I added about three coats of Baked by Urban Decay.  This is a gold gold with super shimmer.  It looked pretty, but the more Kat looked at it and the pictures of the other looks, the more she kept going back to the middle one.

Girls day was fun as always.  Between shoe and makeup shopping and doing makeup and an adventurous time with a mud mask, the hours flew by.  The boys never really get the purpose of girls day or why we do the things we do, but we always have a blast, and we’ve made some serious progress on our parts of the wedding.  No matter what though, the bride gets what the bride wants.  Lucky for me, mine is very far from being a bridezilla.  Team Bride FTW!


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