Candyland Or Just Candy Perferably

Published March 15, 2013 by jrm17
Sucker Fail

Sucker Fail

Thanks to my dear little Beezy having a sweet tooth with a penchant for suckers and Sweet Memories, the old fashioned candy store, going out of business, I have been on a massive candy binge lately.  There’s been suckers too big for my mouth, suckers turning my mouth blue (What can I day?  I’m like a child when it comes to blue candy.), a whole bag of sour gummy worms, and much more.  There was even a trip specially made to the candy store to fulfill my newfound (or new-re-found) candy love.  Anyway, this has got me thinking about the best candy.

1. Suckers

I realized after eating two of those super sized Charm Pops that I’m not the biggest fan of the gum in the middle, but I love the sucker part.  Beez

Isn't my blue face so lovely?

Isn’t my blue face so lovely?

must have gotten it from me because I have seriously eaten at least one sucker every day since he got me started on this.  Some days there were more.  Some days they were just super big.  I think the best sucker is just the plain, classic ones.  Beez and I got some that were…well, too big for either of our mouths, but they were the best suckers I’ve had recently.  He got grape–after some convincing on my part that he wouldn’t like pink lemonade because he wouldn’t, he just wanted pink–and I got, of course, blue raspberry.  You really can’t go wrong with that flavor.  That’s what one of my Charm Pops were…even though it turned my lips blue and had Kat worried I wasn’t getting enough oxygen.  I’ve got a sour blue sucker in my bowl just waiting for me today.  I couldn’t eat it yesterday because I had a job interview and didn’t want to go with blue lips.  I ate a candy cane Tootsie Pop instead.  Score one for me.

Of course, you have those giant suckers you see in the classic candy stores.  I have an affection for the rainbow unicorn ones, but I’ve finally come to the conclusion they are just a bad idea.  I decided to eat one while we went on our walk the other night.  Disaster thy name is unicorn sucker.  I had to bite it because the stick was in the way.  Then I had blue all over my face, and it was sticky.  And, of course, I lost a good bit of sucker because the biting thing just wasn’t ideal.  Nevertheless, suckers are probably my favorite candy.

2. Sour…anything

I’ve always loved sour candy, and, of course, I have my favorites, but really, if it’s sour, I’ll eat it.  The best, if you ask me, are Sour Patch Kids, sour gummy worms, Sour Punch Straws, and Warheads, though.  I usually have Sour Patch Kids in my Easter basket so that’s satisfied.  Though, my mom always gets mad when I beat her to the orange and red ones.  We all know those are the best.  This candy kick may have led me to eat almost a whole bag of sour gummy worms, too.  Thank goodness Michael ate the whole 2 or else I might not have finished.  (Note the sarcasm because I totally could have done it.)  I had realized how much I missed Punch Straws until I got some when I went candy searching with Beezy.  His 2-year-old tongue disagreed with me though.  He spit it out quickly.

When Michael and I went into Sweet Memories to see what candy was left, we laughed when we saw the Warheads bin.  I was going to buy every blue one then had, and then I looked in the bin.  The only ones left were the lemon and black cherry.  Nobody likes those flavors.  When we were in Little League, the boys would always dare my mom to eat those when we got some and freak out when she did it no problem.  It was always so funny to watch the boys when a girl outdid them.

3. Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Okay, this is a serious addiction for me.  I really have a problem with not being able to stop once I get started on chocolate covered pretzels.  I always get a bag for Valentine’s Day from Mom and Dad.  This year I think I set a record and ate them in about 5 minutes, one right after the other.  It’s even better when they have dark chocolate on them.  Or when they are those really big pretzel rods, and there’s sprinkles and other fun things on the outside.

That’s what Michael bought at the candy store.  It was actually a really good deal because he got a big pretzel for 99 cents.  It was one of those sourdough pretzels, which balanced really well with the amount of chocolate.  It was nice to actually taste the pretzel for once.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this sweet and salty mixture ever, though.

4. Reese’s…anything

Here’s another thing I can’t stop once I start.  Again on Valentine’s Day, I got Reese’s Pieces from Mom and Dad, and Michael gave me a whole package of Reese’s hearts.  After I demolished the Reese’s Pieces and the pretzels at the movies and like half a pizza at dinner, we went back to his house, where I ate 4 of the 6 hearts.  Thank you, Michael, for eating the other 2 or else it wouldn’t have been pretty.  I blame my daddy on this one.  He is a peanut butter fiend.  Peanut butter cookies, peanut butter pie, peanut butter cereal: seriously: he loves anything with the creamy, nutty spread.  He was the only one who helped me eat the gigantic Reese’s cups when Michael bought them for me.  (We’re talking like each cup was a pound.)  We cut it like a pie and dug in.  It was delicious, and I didn’t regret a thing at the time.

5. Snickers

I had to come up with a fifth candy because my Type A personality wouldn’t let me have a list of just four things.  Snickers are probably the only actual candy bar I love.  I prefer them in egg form though.  I really only eat them at Easter when my gram puts a Snickers egg in my basket.  Last year, I tried to make s’mores with the egg.  It’s a bad idea.  It’s too thick, and it’s too messy.  The flavors just don’t work despite that being totally counter-intuitive.  Now that I’m thinking about it, Snickers are better when in ice cream form.  Whether it’s a Snickers Blizzard, Snickers ice cream, or the ice cream Snickers bars, that yummy dairy dessert makes a good candy bar perfect–because I’m not a huge candy bar fan but I am a huge ice cream fan.  (You should see me tear through an entire tub by myself.)

This candy kick might not go away form a while.  It’s probably going to take me realizing what a hit my wallet is taking before I stop.  Those few cents start to add up over time.  Until then, here’s to some sugar filled fun.


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