Spring Break Baby!

Published March 18, 2013 by jrm17

This was the last spring break I will ever have, but it was also probably the best one I have had.  I spent time with all of my favorite people, and we did some pretty fun stuff.  It may have taken me four years to do it, but I’ve finally figured out what it takes to make an awesome spring break.

1. Eat, Drink, and Be Merry

I cannot tell you how much food I ate this break, but it was an obscene amount.  But that’s what this break is for right?  Michael and I went to two of my favorite restaurants–Wag’s and La Paz.  I had a giant steak and cheese sub, fries, chips and salsa, and an excellent taco salad.  Then for dessert we…ok, I went crazy when we were together.  On our first date of the break, we had candy from one of our favorite candy shops that unfortunately closed a few days later and a box of Tagalongs.  Those darn Girl Scouts and their cookies.  Our second date’s dessert was kind of surprise for both of us.  You see, we ate dinner but still had about half an hour before our plans started.  We walked around until we ended up at a bakery that everyone says is so great.  That, of course, meant we had to try their cannoli and their blueberry scones.  I was not impressed nor satisfied with either so I went to the coffee shop and bought a brownie and another blueberry scone.  (We are in search of one as good as one we got at a farmer’s market last year.)


2. Go on an adventure…or 3

Okay, so our adventures were only in Downtown Frederick, but they were still a lot of fun.  We went to Roads and Rails, a model train museum, which as lame as it sounds, actually turned out to be one of the most fun things we did.  They have a scavenger hunt, which we obviously had to try.  We went around the displays three times, trying to find everything, but we are still missing about four things.  We’ve got to take Beezy so he can help us. We spent some time searching through records and VHS tapes because we want to relive some childhood fun.  Let’s just say that there may be The Rescuers, Woody Woodpecker, and The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss in our collection now.  There’s two record shops Downtown plus a used book and movie store, and I took Michael to my side of the state to search through stores here.

As for Kat and I, we did mud masks and painted t-shirts.  Here’s a tip.  Just because the mask smells and looks like chocolate, it will not taste like it…especially if chocolate is not in the list of ingredients.  It just tastes like clay.

3. Don’t spend money

There’s actually a lot of things you can do for free or cheap.  Our record and VHS buying virtually cost nothing.  We got four VHS tapes for less than a $1 combined.  We got two DVDs for about $7 and our records were free.  The bowl made of a record I bought was $2, but I couldn’t pass up a bowl made of a Led Zeppelin record.  Plus, the record store we really like does free music shows.  If you follow them on Facebook, you can see who’s playing and when much like at all the coffee shops and bars Downtown.

We also went to a wine tasting.  We ended up finding this new wine shop a early into break and needed to go back for the tasting.  We tried four different wines and learned about their origins and the process with the grapes.  I ended up buying a different bottle because all those were too dry for me, but it was cool to actually know some stuff about the wine we were drinking.

4. Spend time with your family

I spent a good bit of time with my mom and daddy, too.  We went to money bingo, ghost hunting, took a super long walk, and supported the local church at the soup and sandwich sale.  For once, all three of us actually one at bingo.  You see, it’s at our firehall, and it always seems like the same people win.  Luckily, this time it was us.  Then we got some homemade soup for dinner, followed by ghost hunting.  Yesterday, we had plans to go hiking up to a fort near us, but it was too cold.  Instead, we took off down the road and told my pappy to pick us up in about an hour.  We made it three miles just past my great-grandparents house.  The change of scenery from our normal walk was nice.

It may not seems like super fun or exciting things, but I honestly had the best spring break ever.  I had so much fun and am really sad that I am going back to class today.  Unfortunately, that also means that graduation is getting even closer  Ack!




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