Oh The Places You Will Go and The Things You Will Learn

Published April 5, 2013 by jrm17

So I’m quite a few years away from being a parent, but my little Beezy has taught me a whole lot about kids.  I’ve said this before, and I will say it again: I am legitimately concerned that I will not love my own children as much as I love this kid.  He is my baby.  I’m not sure anyone else has ever taught me as much as this little 2 year old has, but it’s definitely been an experience since he came into this world.  I think his mommy and daddy would agree.

First off, I never thought it would be more fun to shop for someone else than me.  Nevertheless, I love shopping for my Beez.  I’m sure I get really annoying with it, but whenever we are shopping, I’m always picking things up and saying how much Brylin would like it.  Michael and I went on a date to look for cartoons from our past.  We ended up at Ollie’s and what did I do?  I sat there debating whether I should buy Barney for B or The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss for myself.  In the end, I chose the latter because he loves The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That so why wouldn’t he like that show?  That has yet to be concluded because every day I try to give his mommy and daddy a Beezy-free day, plans get ruined.  Anyway, I still love to shop for myself, but here we are two years (almost three) later, and he is certainly my second favorite, if not my first favorite, person to shop for.

Another thing I’ve learned is just how much a difference a baby can make in your mood.  I can be in the worst mood possible and hate everything in the world, but the minute I see B, I feel a million times better.  I just can’t be mad around this kid.  Wednesday, we met him and his mommy to go out for pizza.  When we got to their house, he was waking up from his nap.  His mom was complaining that he wouldn’t get up so I went up stairs to wake him.  B crawls into my arms and just starts jabbering about Fetch with Ruff Ruffman.  Then, he had to show me his new big boy room that he moved into since his baby brother will be taken over B’s old room when he arrives in a few weeks.  Once he started jumping on his bed and showing my proudly his Dream Light (which turns orange and blue, his favorite colors), he was wide awake.  We got his shoes on and started to leave.  Here’s where things get cute.  His mom was giving me some clothes that she was getting rid of.  Bry had to hold my hand the whole way to the pile and would not move unless he had my hand.  He spent all day like that.  Sometimes I think he likes to kiss me more than Michael.  I mean, he was my New Year’s Eve kiss in 2011, after all.

Now, I always knew kids were a lot of work.  I watched 3 of them younger than me grow up to be teenagers.  It was not until Beezy came along until I realized just how much work it was though.  When the other 3 were babies, I was still a kid.  I wasn’t worried about taking care of them.  With Bry, it’s completely different.  I’m always taking care of him when I’m around because I’m his Jessie.  I don’t want to be big headed or anything here, but I’m one of the kid’s favorite people, so I like to look out for him.  It’s hard work just when I’m with him, and he’s not a bad kid at all.  I have a total respect for my parents now because I’m sure I was much more ornery than he is.

I also knew that TV is very distracting, but I never knew how much.  I’ve seen this kid literally totally stop what he was doing to see what the Bubble Guppies are up to.  There is no better way to calm him down or keep him busy than put one of his cartoons on TV.  Plus, he likes to pretend he’s a different character each day.  He’s been the Bubble Guppies, the Cat in the Hat, Mickey, Goofy, and his dogs.  It makes things interesting.  I’ve also learned that Boots is his favorite monkey.  I was not aware he knew that many monkeys, but he loves Boots, and trucks are weird because they have faces like Mater.  (He loves Cars.)  The best moment cartoons has given the two of us was watching Dora the Explorer.  We were singing the backpack song and the map song when a new girlfriend of my cousins came into the room.  She craves attention from B, and I hate to break it to her, but he only has one favorite Jessie.  (Her name is Jessica, too, and I really just don’t like her.)  What does my baby do?  He looks at that scum and yells at her “Swiper, no swiping!”  She got so mad because he knows her true colors even as a 2 year old.  I hugged him and high-fived him because she got got.

Bry has me fairly confident I’ll be a pretty good mom years from now when I’m having kids.  His mom and dad are going to give him to us for to watch to give us more experience.  I have the sneaking suspicion that it’s just so they can rest and get rid of him for a while, but I’ll take him for a while.  All I know is, you learn a lot more from kids than you do in class, and it’s a lot more useful.


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