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Published April 8, 2013 by jrm17

Yes, I realize that I’ve been talking a lot about things I’m learning here recently, but I think I’m at a time in my life where I’m learning a lot about…everything.  I’m leaving the safety of being a student, and I’m heading into actual real adulthood.  It’s scary, and I don’t like it, but I’m learning.  These may not have a whole lot to do with each other, but they are things I’ve learned over the weekend.

1. Knowing sports really does have a benefit

I went on four interviews this past week.  At every single one, sports came into discussion except for one (Ironically, the interview where I got a job offer).  I don’t know if I got second interviews because of knowing so much about baseball, but I’m sure it boosted me a little and helped me be remembered.  I talked about at one how the Red Sox loaded up and how I think they have a postseason presence this year.  I talked about how pretty Camden Yards is and my knowledge of Thurman Munson and the Yankees.  I talked about how I like to work as a team and as a leader because I’m an athlete, which led to us talking baseball because the interviewer played in college and overheard me talking baseball and basketball with his receptionist.  My love for sports was the thing I always said when they asked me say something about myself they wouldn’t get from my resume.  Not everyone may like sports, but it can work wonders with people who do.

2. There are some legitimately nice people out there

The job offer was actually the last interview I had this week, and I had accepted second interviews at the three prior companies.  After some consideration, I have decided to take the job and now must reject the second interview offers.  I was freaking out and turned to my professor.  She helped me a lot to decide what I should say and how to handle the situation.  When I got to thinking about it, she’s actually helped me a lot since my sophomore year at college.  She got me my first paid editing job when she was editor in chief at a local magazine, and then she got me my summer and fall internship at the sister magazine.  Now, she’s my Business Writing professor, and she helped me with this.

Plus, the Human Resources director at the place where I’m taking the job was a sweetheart.  We talked about college because she’s only a year out.  She was giving me advice, and the day afterwards, she sent me a super nice and personal e-mail congratulating me and saying how she hoped we’d be working together.  Really, all the people I met at these interviews were nice.

3. However, there’s also some not so nice people out there

I love the Orioles.  Plus, we did great this past year (We won’t discuss this year so far).  Because of that, there are lots of bandwagoners at the stadium, and it really irritates me.  Usually, Orioles fans are known for being nice and fairly welcoming to visiting teams.  We went to the game yesterday, and that’s not holding so true now.  We’ve got girls who think going to a game is a fashion show and are really snotty.  We’ve got guys getting wasted because they think that’s what you do at games.  We’ve got nonfans butting in front of you to get ketchup as you are about to after waiting patiently for the lady in front of you to finish.  I have never seen such rude people at the field.  And, I don’t want to be mean, but none of them knew “Thank God I’m a Country Boy” or where to get the best pretzels or who Boog was when he walked by or that you put Old Bay and ketchup on your french fries.  I’ve never disliked going to a game, but this was has me sort of wishing we sucked again so things would be normal and friendly.

4.  Food is good

So, I’ve had my issues with food that I won’t get into, but I’ve come to realize that you only get one life and you should enjoy the good food while you’re here (in moderation of course).  I gave up vegetarianism earlier this year after about a two year run as one.  I’m so glad I made that decision.  Unhealthier or not, I get to eat Wendy’s Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers.  I don’t really go for burgers ever, but I love this cheeseburger more than any other one.  That was dinner on Friday.  Now, get ready for the rest of this unhealthy weekend.  I’m a barbeque hound so when Mom and Dad celebrated their 22nd anniversary at Texas Roadhouse, I said hello to some pulled pork.  It was a little disappointing, but I got to get Boog’s pit beef sandwich yesterday.  Boog Powell played for our World Series teams back in the ’60s and now runs a food stand at the Yard.  It’s the best pit beef ever.  That and the fries I talked about make a good dinner.  There would’ve been some Carvel in a O’s helmet, but the line was so long that we decided to go with Pappy to our local ice cream shop when we got home.  That’s probably better ice cream anyway.

I’m making up for it and being healthy on Wednesday (and the rest of the semester while I can still use the gym for free).  Michael and I will be taking advantage of the nice weather and going on a picnic with his dogs.  Tomato sandwiches, avocado salsa, and veggie chips–it’s going to be a good dinner.  Followed by Michael’s ice cream shop, which is actually cute because it’s all outside, for dessert of course.

Overall, this was a pretty good weekend.  Very bust and not so fun in some parts, but in the end, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  I’ve got to go accept a job (Squeeeee!) and complete my independent research for sociology (uh oh!).

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