Fuzz in the Head

Published April 12, 2013 by jrm17

My head’s a little all over the place right now, and I don’t have enough on one thought to make a whole post, so y’all are getting a little bit of everything.  I thought I’d give a taste of a few different thoughts going on in my noggin lately.

1. I don’t like Ashley Monroe’s voice by itself.  For those of you who don’t know, she’s one third of Miranda Lambert’s band, The Pistol Annies, and a solo artist.  She’s got a bluesy, classic country sound, which works really well with Angaleena and Miranda, but whenever I hear “Like A Rose,” I don’t super care for what I hear.  Don’t get me wrong.  I really like the songs she writes and I love her as a person, but her voice sounds better when there’s another with it.  I love her with the Annies.  I liked her with Pat from Train.  Their voices worked really well together.  I like her with Blake Shelton for “You Ain’t Dolly.”  There’s just something about her alone.  Maybe it’s just because I’m partial to the Annies and always will be….

2. I like Scarlett on Nashville a whole lot better without Avery.  I am obsessed with Nashville.  I love Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere so when this came out, it was like the TV gods blessed me.  And then they made it about country music and stuck it in Nashville!  I basically buy every song either of those two sing, but when Scarlett was first on the show, I hated her music…and her.  She was all wimpy and crap with Avery, and she annoyed the crap out of me.  Now, I’ve liked Gunnar all season, and let’s be honest, I’ve been pushing for him and Scarlett all along just to get rid of Avery.  However, I actually like the character now.  She’s stronger.  Her music’s better.  She’s a lot funnier.  (Her drunk was probably the funniest moment of the whole show.)  I’m not saying I’ll be hopping on iTunes for any of her songs, but she does have me looking at “You Ain’t Dolly” since her and Will sang it this week.

3. Speaking of Scarlett, it turns out she’s the reason I’ve like Gone with the Wing and Scarlett.  I’ve started (by started I mean, like 4 pages in) Rhett Butler’s People.  I’ve been on the same page for about a week now.  I just can’t bring myself to read it.  It’s not like when Scarlett is the main character because well, she’s The O’Hara and I love her and I see a lot of myself in her.  (Every good Southern girl knows they are either a Scarlett or a Melly and, the good Lord knew what He was doing when He made me because I’m a Scarlett through and through.)  I think that’s why I can’t get into this book.  Scarlett isn’t going to be around for a very long with and without her to entertain me–as of right now at least–Rhett isn’t as much fun.  Trust me, I love Rhett.  My mama and I had a conversation a few days ago about why he is one of the best men ever.  (He knows that women are actually in charge.)  He’s just not as fun as his to-be wife.

4. Adam Jones irritates me more than almost any person ever to put on an Orioles uniform.  Last Sunday, we went to the game.  I watched Jones let a ball drop between him and Nolan Reimold because he decided not to go after it after calling Reimold off.  Then in the 9th, I watched him not run out a ball because he assumed he’d get out.  The pitcher messed up fielding and if he would have you know hustled as you learn in little league (EVERY TIME THE BAT HITS THE BALL), then he would have been safe.  On Wednesday, we played the Red Sox.  Some Boston player tagged the ball, and Jones backed up against the Green Monster.  Because he was so certain that the ball was coming off the wall, he let it drop like a foot in front of him.  MOVE!  As a person, he’s really cool.  As a hitter and runner, he’s awesome.  As a fielder, I just want to scream at him sometimes.

5. You learn a lot from your family and you don’t realize it.  Michael and I took the dogs on a picnic near a creek on Wednesday.  I figured good picnic food is a tomato sandwich, chips, and a avocado salad.  I blew my mind when I learned that not everyone eats tomato sandwiches.  I mean this is a staple in our house.  All summer it’s tomato sandwiches and corn on the cob for supper.  Then, my feet were hot so I took my boots off and jumped in the creek.  It’s something we weren’t supposed to do but did anyway at my great grandparents’ house all the time.  When Michael said he was going to too, I assumed shoes were coming off, but instead, he went in socks and all.  Maybe that’s just a country thing but kicking your shoes off and jumping in is something we do a lot.  Michael will fight me on this endlessly, but I think it’s the difference of him growing up a little more yuppie than he’d like to admit.  I prefer country and Southern all the way.  (Sorry, sweetie!)

Okay, I’ve got to do something this weekend that will inspire me.  I also need to go bathing suit shopping for May Madness at school, which totally snuck up on me.  This whole growing up this might not be for me.  I’d rather stay home with my mama and daddy all day and play around.


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