Let the Games Begin!

Published April 15, 2013 by jrm17

So, I love my blog, but I’ve been lacking inspiration, and I want to spend more of my time doing things since I’m facing my last month of freedom.  With that being said, to cure both of those things, I will be doing not one but three 30 day challenges here.  Okay, I have 3 lists and I plan on doing all three of them, but let’s compromise here.  If something is stupid on one, I’ll only do two or if one is really long, I’ll only do one.  Anyway, get ready for some 30 day-ness and posts every day!  And so day one begins….

Challenge number one says to write some basic things about myself.  Let’s see…I’m a proud country girl from the South.  I might be little but I pack a hard punch.  My favorite colors are pink, purple, and camo.  My mom and daddy are my heroes, and my mom is my best friend.  I am a huge book worm and film geek.  I highly relate to Scarlett O’Hara, and my best friend is more of a Suellen than Melanie Wilkes.  My other best friend is probably a Scarlett, too.  I’m an only child but my two girl cousins and I are more like sisters than cousins.  (And, yeah, we are very much like the O’Hara sisters.)  I’ve been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years.

I have four cats–Duke, Cooper, Jasper, and Dixie–and Cooper is my favorite.  The love of my life is my cousin’s two-year-old, Brylin.  I’d rather be in flipflops, cowboy boots, or Timberlands unless I can be barefoot than anything else.  I’m a huge Orioles and Bama fan, and I’m a Steelers girl through and through.  I was a vegetarian for about one year, and I gave it up because I really wanted a steak and cheese sub from my favorite bar.  I’m a chocoholic, shopaholic, and workaholic.  I’m also a bit of a wino.

I’m a double major in communication arts and sociology, graduating in May.  I have a job after graduation with a marketing company, but I’m sad because if I could freelance and work at The Vintage Lady the rest of my life, I completely would.  I’m an amateur ghost hunter.  My favorite foods in the world are pizza, french fries, steak and cheese, bread, chips and salsa, and dessert.  Given enough Diet Pepsi, I could probably rule the world.  I always have a koozie (or three) in my purse.  Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are one of the couples I want to have a love like.  Tim Riggins is pretty much the ideal man.  I’ve been in love with Nick Markakis for about 9 year…he doesn’t know this.  My mom is the only person who can call me Jessie Renaye.  I’m a daddy’s and pappy’s girl.  And…I think that’s all or else I could keep going for just about ever….I talk a lot.

Challenge number two says “five way to win your heart.”  Well, I’m not sure.  You see, I lose my heart pretty easily and get it broken pretty easily.  You can win my heart by…doing silly and sort of dumb adventures with me.  I’m a fan of making adventures in your own town or backyard because there’s usually a lot of things you haven’t discovered.  We really take the places we are a lot for granted.  Number two to winning my heart would be…driving around in a truck with the windows down and Luke Bryan (okay, I’m just saying he’d be nice but any GOOD–not Taylor Swift or Darius Rucker–country music) playing on the radio.  Number three would be…watching my favorite movies and shows with me.  I’m addicted to Hart of Dixie, Vampire Diaries, Nashville, and Bates Motel.  And, I’m one of those girls who likes to cuddle and watch Duck Dynasty.  However, the movies are what would really get me.  My movies aren’t easy ones to watch for most boys–One for the Money, Sweet Home Alabama, The Ugly Truth, Gone with the Wind, Casablanca, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Cars, My Bloody Valentine, Django Unchained.  Okay, I’ve got some issues but I love all kinds of movies.  Number four is something so lame, but I love doing: get a pizza, some wine, and watch whatever team I’m rooting for during the season.  I don’t like missing a game when it comes to Bama and my O’s, but we can watch Duke or the Steelers, too.  The final way to win my heart would be…challenge me.  I thrive on competition and I’m a good fighter.  It’s something I like doing and if someone doesn’t do that, they aren’t going to keep my interest very long.

The final challenge in a photo one and I was supposed to do a self-portrait.  I did…sort of.  I took a picture of myself…and my Beezy boo.  We were celebrating his mommy’s baby shower for Layton who will come visit us in a few weeks.  So here’s number three:


30 Day Challenge with my baby 🙂

Tomorrow we’ll get on with the rest….


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