The Story Continues

Published April 16, 2013 by jrm17

It’s Day 2 of my multi-30 Day Challenge.  Today’s list includes: something I feel strongly about and 10 likes and dislike, plus my photo of the day.  Let’s get on with it then.

Something I feel strongly about…well, if you’ve read some of my posts before but I am a very strong believer in respecting our military.  I come from a military family, and I feel as if even if you don’t agree with what the government is doing with our military, you should still respect the boys and girls who are putting their lives on the line to protect this country.  Those are still people, and they have family and friends and people who care about them just like us only they have the guts to put that uniform on and fight the fight.  They deserve more respect than anyone else.  They are putting their lives on hold and risking it for others.  I don’t really care what you think about the current deployments or anything, but you should be gracious for what they are doing.  If not, you should get out there and fight.  I thank veterans all the time and do what I can when it comes to donating to the military.

Of course, I think this is a way of thinking that comes about when you’ve grown up as I have.  Having basically every man in your family who you respect serve makes you into a certain person.  There are certain values instilled in you when the people close to you have served.  In my neck of the woods, a lot of people agree with me on this, if not everyone, but I’m sure there’s many others who think that respecting the military is supporting terrible things.

As far as likes and dislikes, I think I’ll just make a list:


1. Summer 🙂

2. Pink!

3. Stephanie Plum novels

4. Reese Cups

5. Sweet wine

6. Driving with the windows down and country music playing

7. Luke Bryan

8. College Football (Bama!  RTR!) and Pro Baseball (Go O’s)

9. Cowboy boots and Flipflops

10. The smell of a spring rain


1. Fake people

2. Snow

3. Bad film adaptations of good books

4. The fat that comes with Reese Cups

5. Being late (or when people are late)

6. Disrespectful people

7. Having too much to do at once (I get overwhelmed easily.)

8. Worrying about my bridesmaid dress fitting but not wanting to diet (As of right now, it no longer fits…)

9. The uncertainty of the future

10. Taylor Swift

And to round it all off, here’s the picture for the day: what I wore.  Okay, so I changed like 3 times between the gym and then more scruffy clothes but I wore this for part of the day.

Simple but rocking my new #SouthernlyStated croakie!  Best store ever!

Simple but rocking my new #SouthernlyStated croakie! Best store ever!


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