Another One Bites the Dust

Published April 17, 2013 by jrm17

Day three of the challenge is here.  And what do you get?  To hear in detail about my day.  Be prepared to be bored.  Sorry! I woke up at 7:30 a.m. because I just couldn’t fall back asleep.  So I turned on my TV and watched Sports Center.  At 8, I went down stairs and put dishes away.  I gave Dixie some treats and ate my breakfast (raspberry Chobani and chocolate almond milk).  Then I went upstairs to shower and get dressed for class.  I wore my Southernly Stated frat tank that says Boots, Class, and a lil’ Sass with skinny jeans and flipflops.  I checked my e-mail and got my lunch (fruit salad) ready before I left.

On my way to school, I stopped to get gas and talked to the cute old lady who always works at the cash register.  Finally, I made it to school (and got a parking space!).  I went to the room I will be presenting my departmental honors paper in on Friday to check my powerpoint and videos.  The videos don’t work.  I have to fix that.  I walked disappointed to the sociology building, where I printed my paper in the lab.  With about 10 minutes to class, I went to the classroom.  Minutes passed by and with only like 2 to go, finally someone else came in.  I was starting to think I’d messed something up.

We spent the day as usual talking about feminism.  I’m actually kind of sick of hearing about it.  What’s wrong with me liking pink, guns, and wanting to be a stay at home mom?  I went from there to the commuter council meeting that last only about 8 minutes and left school for Michael’s house.

Along the way, I texted Whitney about her date the night before.  When I got to his house, we went over my presentation and play Hey You, Pikachu on the N64.  I got bored with it quickly.  Pikachu doesn’t listen and he’s a creeper.  So, I went to the kitchen and finished the bag of cinnamon sugar tortilla chips.  I convinced Michael the game was boring and that we should go shopping for our newest member of the family, Chloe Lynn, who was born Saturday.

We spent some time looking around Five Below and the Dollar Store and got some really good presents for her, including a mini monkey Pillow Pet for her jungle room.  La Paz seemed like a good idea for dinner because I was craving Mexican food.  I got a delicious chicken taco salad.

Michael decided we should go for a walk in the park, so we did, and then went home.  We watched The Brady Bunch and helped his dad put up the cabinet in the new bathroom.  I gorged myself on candy–so much for that diet–and watched the Orioles game with him.  Then around 9:45 I left for home.  I blasted some Chase Rice and Nashville songs on the drive.  When I got home, I ate more candy (It’s a girl time right now) and watched the Orioles suck some more until Nashville/Duck Dynasty came on.  To end it all, I wrote this.  That’s how my day went.  It was kind of busy.

The second challenge is just to write a book I like.  Well, there’s about a million of them but to make this short since the other was so long I’ll only name a few: Gone with the Wind, The Great Gatsby, Vampire Academy, Stephanie Plum novels, and Vampire Diaries.

The picture was one of clouds, but it’s on my phone…which is off.  I’ll just post it tomorrow with the other picture.


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