High Five: Day 5 of 30 Day Challenge (Also a Good Stephanie Plum Book)

Published April 19, 2013 by jrm17

Okay, I may have stole the title from Janet Evanovich, but I just can’t help a Stephanie Plum reference.  Who doesn’t want to be my favorite bounty hunter?  The first thing on today’s list of challenges is saying things I’d like to say to an ex.  Well, I don’t really have an ex, but I do have a former creeper that I’d love to say some things to…

First off, I would love to tell him to take that internship he got over me and shove it.  He only got it because he was closer (I was told this by the boss) and it was a crap job anyway.  The boss turned out to be a huge jerk.  Secondly, I don’t know nor do I care what he’s doing now, but I’m sure that I’m much better off than he is career wise because he sucked in our department.  I only ever tried being his friend because I felt sorry for him.  I”m happy with Michael, and I never would have thought twice about dating this creeper.  It was never going to happen.  Lastly, I would love to tell him that after he freaked out and turned into a stalker, I made sure that I always had my best friend or guy friend with me when I was in the campus commons because I was seriously afraid of what he was going to do.  You don’t tell someone that you know she’ll get over it and come to you because you are meant to be together, you both like Duke and baseball unless you have serious problems.  I’m really glad you graduated, and I never have to see your face again.

Okay, that might have been mean, but it was a messed up situation.  He thought I was his girlfriend and that was just never going to happen.  I had to break up with a guy I wasn’t even seeing.  Moving on to the second challenge: five places I want to visit.

1. Freedom Farms, Butler, PA: I am obsessed with Farm Kings on GAC.  I absolutely love the family that runs the farm and I might happen to have a major crush on Dan King.  Plus, it’s not too far from Pittsburgh, which we visit to see Michael’s family.

2. Charleston, SC: I might also have a crush on Rhett Butler.  We all know I’m obsessed with Gone with the Wind, and Charleston claims to be one of the most haunted cities in the country.  Why wouldn’t a lover of the book and a amateur ghost hunter want to visit the city?

3. Spain: I love Spanish culture.  I took so many years of Spanish class that I fell in love with it.  Plus, it’s one of my favorite types of food.

4.  Southport, NC: North Carolina is my second home state anyway, but this is where Safe Haven was set.  It was my favorite book and movie from Nicholas Sparks, and I’m just dying for May 7 to get here so I can watch it again.  And, the city where the movie was filmed looks so much like my dear Manteo, NC, that I just know I’d be at home there.

5. New Orleans: Southern, supernatural, and a big party–what does sound like the perfect place for me?  I am pushing so hard for this to be my honeymoon when I get married because it’s a place I’ve always wanted to go.  One day I will make it to this one.

Finally, the picture was supposed to be something from a high angle.  Well, I bought new Nine West flat (at Ross for a super good price!) so I took a picture of them from my perspective.  So, I’m a dork.  Oh, well.

Yay new flats!  And the ones I wore today next to them lol

Yay new flats! And the ones I wore today next to them lol


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