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Published April 20, 2013 by jrm17

Today’s topics kind of go together, and it’s about music so I’m pretty happy.  I’ve got what are my feelings on mainstream music and who is an artist/band that’s really important to me.  I’m pretty excited about this so let’s start!

So I’m not big on mainstream music as far as pop, hip hop, and all that stuff.  I think all these little pop people are really annoying and most of them have no talent or real life experience to right music about.  “Call Me Maybe” is the single most stupid, annoying, and terrible song from this summer.  Unfortunately, they played it at Camden Yards when we went to the game because the girl threw out the first pitch.  I was really happy I was getting food when she did that.

As far as rock is concerned, I will always prefer classic rock.  There’s just something unbeatable about the greats like AC/DC and Foreigner.  They were the pioneers and masters of the genre.  However, I do like some of today’s rock.  I’m talking more along the lines of Hinder, Shinedown, and Buckcherry.  They aren’t the same caliber as the ones of the past, but they are really a different type of rock.  These are alternative, I guess?  I don’t know.  I’m don’t really get sub-genres.

Finally, you know we have to talk about country.  Now, I’m a fan of classic country.  There’s no better than Loretta, Tammy, Dolly, Tanya, Merle, Charlie, and Hank.  Nevertheless, I think today’s country artists for the most part are all amazing because they’ve taken notes from our greats.  They’ve also made it their own.  I love the variation we get, but they are all true to the sound.  As much as I hate overpopularity, it makes me really happy that country music is getting the recognition it deserves.  With that being said, there are a few country singers who I think need to be recategorized.  Taylor Swift.  Ugh, I cannot stand that girl in all ways, but if she’s going to be in music, can we please put her where she belongs?  The pop station.  Little teenagers are the only reason she sells so much.  Second is Darius Rucker.  Now, I think he sings country well, but he really belongs with the Blowfish.  His songs were a lot better then.  Finally, we have Jana Kramer.  This is really a personal vendetta I guess.  Her songs are good, but her accent is fake, and I’m tired of hearing how pretty she is.  How are we even comparing her to Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, Karen Fairchild or the loads of other beautiful women country has?  Most of all, I feel like BG’s music has really lost it’s cache now that he’s engaged and to her.  We need the ass kicking, single BG back.

So, an artist that is really important to me is Miranda Lambert.  All her songs really speak to me whether they are sentimental or ballsy.  I think her background has made her into one of the greatest artists out there.  When she first started, she refused to sing all those stupid, little poppy songs, so her daddy told her she’d have to become a songwriter if she wanted to sing about what she wanted.  So, she did.  And look at the awards it’s gotten her. “Over You” won like a million awards.  Her attitude about life though is why she’s so important to me.  She isn’t afraid to be herself at all.  Whether it’s about her weight, which she is pretty no matter what size she is, or addressing affair rumors, come on we all know Blake would never do that…Miranda’d shoot him, she’s going to speak her mind and stand by it.  Even on stage at her concerts, she’s herself.  When I saw her at Merriweather in Columbia, Md, two years ago, she sang “House That Built Me.”  She was crying while she sang that song, and it was really moving.  The energy and personality she puts into her shows proves how important her fans are to her and how personal her music is.  Miranda really is the epitome of a female country artists and a Southern girl, if you ask me.

The picture for today was supposed to be something from a low angle.  We went mushroom hunting this morning so I took a picture up at one from the ground.  It doesn’t look too much bigger, but I really like mushrooms.

Mmmm MMmmm Morel

Mmmm MMmmm Morel


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