Fine Nine

Published April 23, 2013 by jrm17

Yes, I’m really lame with these 30 Day titles.  Today’s pretty simple because we have our first overlap.  Since I’ve already done five pet peeves (and I don’t want to try to think of anymore), we only have to discuss ho important I think education is.

In short, I think it’s the most important and valuable thing a person can have in life.  It opens you to knew ideas and opportunities, which is great as a person, but it definitely helps you in the real world.  Without an education, you cannot make it in this world.  And, I think that education would be beneficial to more people to better the world be decreasing the amount of inequality we have in our country.  If we could give not necessarily equal education because I do think it should be worked for, but equal opportunity for education–meaning equal quality of education–then the world would be a better place.

I recently wrote a paper about contemporary feminism theory where I said that if we could just educate people more, then there would be less inequality and that really benefits all people.  Everyone could reach their full potential and make advancements for society.  But, in addition to it being beneficial in that way, education is power.  Take for example self defense.  That knowledge I’ve obtained from that class makes me feel a lot safer, and I stand a lot better chance of surviving an attack from a person.

I honestly think education is the best thing a person could spend their money on.  I’ve seen how a lack of a degree screws very smart people.  Because my daddy doesn’t have a college degree (because his family didn’t have the money and it wasn’t as big of a deal then), he can’t get any head of security jobs if he were to retire from his current job as a correctional officer.  He is a captain at a highly regarded prison in our area, who has gotten awards for his great work at his job, and he also has military experience in addition to his 22 years as at the prison.  However, without that piece of paper, my daddy can’t get those jobs.

Anyway, I’ll shut up with my ranting and do the picture challenge.  I was supposed to have a picture of someone I love. Well, I thought why not have pictures of a bunch of people I love.  So here’s my mom, daddy, pappy, and boyfriend.

My pappy, me, my mom, and my daddy at a reception for my research.

My pappy, me, my mom, and my daddy at a reception for my research.

Michael and I after an awards ceremony.

Michael and I after an awards ceremony.


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