Twelve Dozen (Doughnuts Please :-) )

Published April 26, 2013 by jrm17

We have have reached day twelve.  Today, I will be talking about five guys who I think are hot and a screenshot of my desktop plus the picture challenge.

It’s pretty easy but here’s the top five hottest guys (We’re going with celebrities here to make things less messy):

1.  Luke Bryan: Should I say anything else?  I mean have you seen that man shake it in jeans?  I can’t call him a boy because that’s a man we are looking at, ladies.  I’ll shake it for him, and I don’t want that night to end either, and I will do anything that man asks in his songs because he is the sexiest man in country music.  In fact, he might be the sexiest man in all music.  There’s a reason all us females are all excited about this boy when he does his little dance moves.

2. Nick Marakakis: Okay, I’m not sure if he counts as a celebrity, but he’s my favorite baseball player, and we have been in a relationship for 9 year (He just doesn’t know it).  The man is gorgeous and has one of the best arms and most consistent bats in the bigs.  Need I say more?  Probably for you non-baseball girls.  In that case, he’s greek, 6′ 2″, making a good bit of money per year, and absolutely hot.  We might have very moody and curly-haired kids, but I’m willing to risk their happiness in this case.

3. Dan King: Have y’all ever watched Farm Kings on GAC?  It’s some good TV because we get hot guys who are farming.  Dan in my favorite.  He’s only a year older than me, likes to work construction, and has a bit of a tough side.  He’s my cutie of the King boys, and he might be the reason I’m so sure to be in front of the television every Thursday night at 9 p.m.

4. Colin Farrell: That Irish accent.  Those beautiful good looks.  That bay boy attitude.  He’s the whole package for those of us who have a thing for bad boys.  My mom and I seriously go see movies just for him.  I’m not so sure we’d have seen his last one if it weren’t for his face being in it.  Plus, In Bruges and American Outlaws are two of the best movies ever when you are watching him for over an hour.

5. Taylor Kitsch: First, he was Tim Riggins–hot, badass football player from Dillon, TX.  Then, he was John Carter–hot, Confederate captain stuck in Mars and getting bathed in nothing but his cowboy boots.  Next, he was Alex Hopper–hot, Navy midshipmen saving the planet from aliens.  Finally, he was Chon–hot stoner, protecting the country from super high pot prices.  There is nothing Taylor can’t do, and it really helps he moved from Canada to Texas.  He is seriously one of the hottest guys ever, and I would be done the minute he ever said anything to me if he ever did.

Next, we have a screenshot of my desktop.


My background is from the College Prepster.  I find it really inspiring with the saying “Live your dreams.”  I have a whole folder dedicated to her backgrounds if you didn’t notice.  I’ve got folders for my freelance work, my school work, my photos, and a billion other things.  I’m very crazily organized.  My programs are all about editing for my film and audio classes.  I think my desktop tells stuff about me pretty well.

Finally, we have a sunset.  You can’t really see the sunset from my house.  Therefore, I did what people look like while the sun is setting at my house.  As you can tell, you can’t really see the faces of my parents while they were on the roof, painting the chimney for our party in a few weeks.

My parents on the roof as the sun was setting.

My parents on the roof as the sun was setting.


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