Fourteen…Also Lucky

Published April 28, 2013 by jrm17

Okay, so it’s only lucky to me because it was my softball number until high school.  Today is a pretty easy day for the challenges: what I wore today and picture of my 5 celebrity crushes (I’ll just do the ones from my earlier post so y’all can put a face to the name).

Well, I’m feeling pretty crappy today because we went to an Italian market for picnic food yesterday.  Michael felt icky after we ate, and I’m down right miserable today.  I’m blaming too many olives.  Plus, it was homework day so I’m dressed pretty simple today.

I have on my favorite pair of old Levi’s.  American Eagle jeans are my dressy jeans, but I love my Levi’s more than any.  Then I have on a gray tank top and a hoodie over it.  It’s one of my favorite hoodies.  I got it at Colorfest this past year.  It’s great and in neon pink, green, and orange, it says “Just a country girl wearin’ camo and packin’ ammo.”  It’s super comfy and cute.  My hair’s in a ponytail.  I’ve got no makeup and shoes on.  It’s a pretty bum day, but those are my favorite days…especially when I feel as icky as I do.

Here’s my boys 🙂

Luke Bryan: Here’s my dear man getting his redneck on and getting his Buck Commander tattoo.  I’m pretty sure you won’t find a hotter picture of Luke than right here unless you were watching him shake it.

Nick Markakis: I have been in a relationship with this man for quite a while–not that he knows this.  He is clearly the sexiest man in major league baseball.  It’s that Greek-ness and his attitude.  Trust me: he’s even better in person.

Dan King: Okay, pretty much all the King boys are cute, but Dan is my favorite….like really, really my favorite.  It’s probably because not only is he cute but he also has an attitude about him.  Man, it’s even better when you learn that he’s a farmer, ex-football player, and construction worker.  It’s this country girl’s dream.

Colin Farrell: I’m not one to gush over movie stars (except maybe Zac Efron), but Colin is amazingly hot.  He’s always been my favorite actor, and I will go see movies just because he’s in it (Granted, I tend to like action movies).  I think it’s the accent, too.  I usually only like a good Southern accent, but this Irish boy makes his sound even better.

Taylor Kitsch: Do I need to say anything more than Tim Riggins?  No matter what character he is playing, it’s just a different version of Riggo, and I am fine with that because I love Tim Riggins.  He is the perfect boy if you ask me.  It’s probably because he’s fictional, but I’s be 3’s rally girl anytime.  Or John Carter’s Barsoomian princess or Alex Hopper’s Navy wife or Chon’s stoner girl…I think you get the picture.

I guess today’s is filled with pictures because I need to post yesterday’s picture and today’s picture.  For yesterday’s picture–something blue–I have two.  First is a picture of the blue frozen desserts Michael and I got at May Madness, the big end of the year celebration at our college, and the second is our tongues after we ate them.  For today’s–eyes–I decided to be goofy and take a picture of the eyes of my giant Minion.  I forgot to take a picture of Miss Chloe Lynn’s, our new baby in the family, when we visited her.

I had the popsicle of course.

I had the popsicle of course.



Love Despicable Me!

Love Despicable Me!




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