Tempting Twenty-One

Published May 5, 2013 by jrm17

I say tempting for two reasons.  The first is 21 is Nick Markakis’s number, and he is very tempting.  The second is because our first topic of the day is my turn ons and offs.

I don’t really know either that well because I usually just say, “Oh, he’s cute.”  So, I’m going to make a list of 5 of each.

Turn Ons

1. Redneck/County–I can’t help it.  I’m a sucker for a good country boy.  Blame it all on my roots….

2. Athletic–I don’t just like a guy in shape, but I also like to be able to talk sports with guys.  I know a lot about sports, and it’s something I love talking about.  Michael’s learning with baseball and football.  We’ve got to give him credit.

3. Confident–There’s a fine like between arrogant and confident.  I like that air that I call (okay, Florida Georgia Line) calls the country boy charm or Southernly Stated calls Southern Swag.  You have to be confident but not to the point where you are a jerk.

4. Cute–I’m kind of like a dude when it comes to this.  I believe in being able to be attracted to a person’s personality, but I need the visual appeal first.  Plus, cute keeps me entertained.  So, I’m shallow; who isn’t?

5. Smart but not too smart–I like a guy who I can carry on a conversation with, but I don’t like a know-it-all or someone overly nerdy.  I don’t like to feel stupid because I’m not, and I’ve got a nerd; sometimes that talk gets really annoying…we’ve had this discussion.  We’re both working on it.

Turn Offs

1. Smoker–I’ve had two uncles pass away from cancer from it.  I hate the smell.  I don’t know why you would pay to do something that makes you stink, turns your teeth yellow, and slowly kills you.  I know it’s really hard to quit.  I’m watching a friend struggle through it for the *insert number* time, and I’ve got one who fought the battle very hard until she recently was able to.  I urge them all to do so, though.

2. Know-it-alls–There is nothing I hate more than a person who is so arrogant he can’t even carry on a conversation because he’s always right.  Sometimes you are wrong.  Sometimes people have different opinions.  Your information is not all there is out there.  It just really irritates me.

3. Laziness–I’ve worked really hard my whole life, and I don’t understand why putting that much effort in things is so hard for some people.  I’d love to sit around and do nothing all day (okay, no I wouldn’t.  I’m too much of a busybody and have too much energy), but doing nothing gets you nowhere in life.  I come from traditional routes: the man makes the money.  Laziness does not work in my mind.

4. Being Rude–I can be pretty mean and vindictive, but there’s no reason to make really mean and hurtful comments when no one has provoked them.  I’ve got some pretty strong manners in me.  Being polite and nice gets you a lot farther in life and makes the world a happier place where we all get along.  Everyone should try it.

5. Bad Listener–I talk…a lot.  I also get very emotional and need people to listen because I let myself get stressed out to easily (This is something I’m working on).  I need a guy who is going to be there for me to not necessarily fix things but just to listen (most of the time to tell me I’m right).  If you can’t do that, then we are going to have a tough time having a relationship because we are going to drive each other crazy.

The second thing is how I hope my future will be.  Well, that’s simple.  I want a happy marriage, 2 kids, a few pets (at least one dog and cat), a decent paying job that I love, a truck, and a house on my land.  I’m not asking for much, right?  Yes, I refuse to move farther than 5 minutes from my parents nor out of Dargan.

So, since my Pinterest still isn’t working, and I worked hard to finish Rhett Butler’s People this morning, I didn’t get a chance to see what my photo was supposed to be.  I’ll look now….a faceless self portrait.  I will have that for you along with tomorrow’s photo (hands).

In other news, Happy Cinco de Mayo!


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