Troubling Twenty-Two

Published May 6, 2013 by jrm17

I’m not sure why this is troubling.  It was a good “t” word, I guess.  Anyway, we start today with my academics.

I am about to graduate from Hood College, a fairly renowned private college, with degrees in communication arts and sociology.  I will be graduation either manga cum laude or cum laude.  It depends on my grades this semester.  If I get all As, then my GPA will go up the .02 I need it to.  I was in the honors program and did a departmental honors paper in dual departments–communication arts and psychology.  I conducted independent research in sociology this semester called “Friends Forever: Friendship Stability Differences Between Commuter and Resident Students.”  I received two academic scholarship awards this year, where I was nominated by my professors.  One was for showing promise in sociology, and the other was for excelling in my field in communication arts.  It was really nice and cool to be recognized by my professors.

I worked really hard in college, but I did in high school, too.  I was in the top seven of my class, graduating with a 4.02.  I was an early acceptance to Hood and got awards that I can’t even name.  I was an officer in the National Honor Society, the Spanish Honor Society, and class cabinet.  I was also captain of the softball team and manager of the girls’ basketball team.  I took a ton of AP and honors class.  My APs were chemistry, English language, Spanish, statistics, and psychology.  I passed all of them, but I rocked psychology, chemistry, and statistics.  I loved high school.  It was a lot more fun than college, and I would totally go back if I could.  But, enough about school.  Let’s move on.

Well, here’s my second: what I wore today.  I took this picture of all my clothes after Michael and I hiked with the puppies on the Monocacy River/Battlefield today.  I had on Orioles yoga pants and a hoodie from Victoria’s Secret, my Friendship Fire Co. shirt (my grandad ran the ambulance there), and black and pink Under Armour sneakers.  It was a good day.

Comfy, comfy

Comfy, comfy

Here’s my two pictures since I missed yesterday’s.  First is a faceless self-portrait, which I figured could be the dogs wrapping me up in their leashes, and the second was of hands–Michael’s while he drove the car.




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