Tight Twenty-Four

Published May 8, 2013 by jrm17

Once again, I’m not sure why this one is tight, but I’m running out of “T” words.  Today’s all lists basically.  First, we have seven things that cross my mind a lotl

1. I wish my favorite foods were negative calories–I am a big fan of Fruit Snacks, pizza, french fries, ice cream, and well, a lot of other foods.  It would make me so happy if I could eat the foods I love and not worry about fitting into my jeans the next day–especially with Fruit Snacks.  I can eat a whole box of them and still want more.  There just aren’t enough of those in a pack.

2. Adam Jones sucks–Okay, I know he’s not actually a sucky baseball players, but he really gets more credit than he deserves as a fielder.  He never hustles as much as he can.  He lets balls fall that if he would have hustled, then he would have caught.  He doesn’t get errors on plays he clearly should.  If a ball hits your glove and you do not catch it, then it is an error.  Any baseball fan can tell you that.

3. Why did God put boys like Luke Bryan in my town–I love Michael, but I just don’t understand why He made boys like Luke and didn’t put them in my town.  Even if I wouldn’t have dated him, it would have been nice to have the chance to look at that man constantly.  It just seems a bit unfair to me.  The love should be spread a little.

4. I wish I were Miranda Lambert–She is beautiful and talented and has one of the most fun jobs ever.  She can wear whatever she wants to work.  I am going to have to dress in fancy pants dress clothes while she can wear camo, jeans, sparkles…whatever.  I’m so jealous of her, but I absolutely love her.  She’s a great person.

5. I wish I could buy all the clothes I want–I am a clothes horse.  It’s a terrible, ridiculous addiction, but there’s nothing I love more than shopping.  Yesterday, I was in Victoria’s Secret, and all I wanted to do was buy all the Orioles stuff.  It’s so sad.

6. Fake girls annoy the crap out of me–I seriously don’t like girls all that much because they suck (I’m allowed to say that as part of my gender).  But it’s the fake ones that I hate the most.  Why would you not be yourself?  Are you that sucky of a person that you need to be someone else?  Just leave things to us real girls, and go away please.

7. I don’t know why I buy nail polish–I love to paint my nails, but I get so annoyed when it chips like two days later (Most of the time 15 minutes later).  Right now, my toes are neon pink and black, but I’m dreading taking that off for another color.  However, I’m trying to get all my bright colors out of my system before I start working because the dress code I signed basically voided all my color choices.

The second list is five words or phrases that make me laugh.  This one is really hard because I don’t like specific words or phrases do that unless it’s in context, but I’ll try.

1. Pussy willow– Yes, I know it’s a tree, and this makes me have a dirty mind, but seriously, it’s a funny name.

2. Ballroom– I blame Blake Shelton on this one because all I think now is how Luke Byran’s pants and the Motel 6 both have no ballroom.

3. The Dougie– I love “Boys Round Here.”  I don’t know why, but I rocked that part of the song.  Plus, I taught Beez how to do The Dougie.

4. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner– Once upon a time, the Orioles had pitcher Rodrigo Lopez.  A drunk guy say behind us and continually yelled, “Breakfast, lunch, dinner, Rodrigo.  1, 2, 3.  Inside, out.”  I have no clue what 2 of 3 mean, but it was hilarious.  This was one of the only times I enjoyed a drunk person at Camden Yards.  I’ve become less tolerant as I’ve gotten older.

5. It’s all you, Chad– Another once upon a time, a group of frat guys sat behind us at the Yard.  Chad’s friends liked to tease him–the boy who was certain he would catch a ball that day–by yelling, “It’s all you, Chad!” every time a ball was hit to a different part of the field.  The middle school me and Brittany loved it and would yell it at each other all the time.  To this day, everyone at that game with me uses this saying.

Okay, so I’m quitting my picture challenge.  It’s still raining, and I forgot to take one of my animals.  I would’ve put one up of Dixie, but I turned off my phone already.  Maybe I’ll surprise you with photos some other day.


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