Terrifying Twenty-Five

Published May 9, 2013 by jrm17

Okay, first on today’s list is would I rather date someone plain looking but with an awesome personality or someone really hot but dull as dishwater?

Well, currently, I am not sure what I am doing.  Michael’s not really either.  However, given the choice I’d probably pick the person with the really good looks.  I know that’s really shallow, but I’ve had not-so-hot guys interested in me who had great personalities, and I just couldn’t do it.  I felt terrible, but I need to be attracted to you first.  I guess if I was attracted to the plain person, then I’d pick that first, but I’m a bad person.  Yay, hot guy!  So sue me.

Wow, that was really quick.  I guess I want to avoid my terrible-ness.

Second is something that I am worrying about.  Funny, I just had this conversation with Michael last night.  I am really worried about this job.  It’s not like when I was hired at The Vintage Lady or to freelance.  I knew what I was doing before I went in with those two.  I knew I’d be good at it.  I’m not entirely certain what I’m doing in this job, and I am really worried I won’t be good at what I’m supposed to do.

Okay, this is a really short post.  I feel bad that it’s this short, but I can’t think of anything else to say for either of them.  I would have done the picture challenge for today, but it was of something pink, and I just couldn’t decide.  I have way too much pink I guess.  Well, I’ll just get ready for The Vampire Diaries finale, then.


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