I Think This Book Was Called The Penultimate Peril in Another Series

Published May 13, 2013 by jrm17

So, I may have been obsessed with The Series of Unfortunate Events in middle school.  Anyway, today I have it pretty easy.  First, we have a picture of me.

This is me with my Beezy and his new little brother Layton.  Bry isn’t happy, and Layton’s asleep.  We figure this is how life will be for a while in our family.


Second, we have five weird things that I like.

1) Gore and Horor– I laugh at horror movies, read Stephen King incessantly, and am an amateur ghost hunter.  If it’s supernatural, paranormal, and gory, then count me in.

2) Supernatural–  I’m not sure how popular this show is anymore.  We have to admit it went really down hill after the fourth or fifth season (I have no clue what the heck is going on anymore), but ask my any early trivia, and I guarantee I can answer it.  I have serious issues with this show.  I can watch it for days on end and never tire.  In my head, I am married to Dean Winchester.  It’s a serious problem.

3) The Monster At the End of This Book– Yes, there is a very good Supernatural episode called this, but I am talking about the Little Golden Book starring furry, lovable old Grover.  This is still my favorite book today.  I may have bought Another Monster at the End of This Book with Grover and Elmo today because I was so curious.  Like I said, I have issues.  I may have also read it to Bry while we visited Layton.  I do a very good dramatic reading of it.  It’s a talent.

4) The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss– Really, I love all this Seuss (except Wacky Wednesday.  That is a dumb, dumb book).  We went shopping for cartoons of our past a few months ago, and I ran across this show on DVD in Ollie’s.  Man, it’s messed up, but I love it.  I’m on a Dr. Seuss kick anyway so I’ll probably be watching this again soon.

5) Killers– I have this intense fascination–and always have–with the mind of serial killers.  I think what they do and how and why they do it is so interesting.  I’ve taken classes about it, read plenty of books, and watched documentary after documentary on killers.  I can’t get enough of it because I like trying to figure out what would drive a person to take other people’s lives who he doesn’t even know (most of the time).  I understand killing people you know, but strangers?  It blows my mind.

I don’t know if they all count as weird, but I couldn’t think of better ones.  I hate when my mind goes blank at the sound of a question.  Tomorrow is the last day!


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