And So It Ends…

Published May 14, 2013 by jrm17

Today is day 30 of 30 for the challenge.  One list says write about whatever I want and the other is about something I’m excited for.

I guess I’ll start with the more structured one.  One thing I am excited for in the near future is graduation and my party after.  Tony Mendez is our speaker, and despite being really interested in Argo, I seem to be the only person in the state who has yet to meet him.  Afterwards, my parents are throwing a party for me, and they’re going all out…or at least, all out with in reason.  Everything is pink and yellow.  We’ve got all kinds of decorations and food and cake.  There’ll be cornhole and washers and karaoke.  There’s a bajillion people invited.  The funniest part is that our centerpieces are butter mints wrapped in pink and graduation papers inside Mason jars.  I really appreciate my parents doing this.  They are putting a lot of work into it, and it really wasn’t something I expected.

Next, anything I want to write about….Well, it’s pretty early in the morning, but I started reading A Bend In the Road by Nicholas Sparks because my best friend, Jess, said it’s her favorite of his books.  I made it 20 pages in before I decided to get breakfast, but something really struck me.  I’m reading Sarah Andrews background and how she ended up in Bern, and I’m seeing way too many similarities for comfort.  Sarah is there because she is a recent divorcee and moved near her parents.  Her ex-husband’s name is Michael.  She met him while in college, while he was obtaining his teaching degree.  His family is well-off.  He seems to–remember I haven’t mad it too far.  They technically haven’t been married yet–be a bit of a douche.

Let’s see.  I met Michael in college.  She was studying teaching instead of him but still, it’s involved.  His family isn’t exactly poor, not that they’re super rich either, but it makes sense in my head.  Michael, and he knows it, has an egotistical, douchey side.  He’s working on it for my sake…I think.  Am I going to end up in an unhappy marriage and divorced from him?  It seems like a real possibility if you think about it.  I don’t want to sound crazy or pessimistic or all those things you are probably thinking, but I’ve never read a book so similar to my story.  Anyway, that’s what I’ve been thinking about all morning.

On a side note, did anyone watch Bates Motel last night?  Is it me or is it crazy that Norman’s teacher has played a character in two different Supernatural episodes?  No?  Just me?  Okay.  Back to regular writing tomorrow.

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