Me Not Like

Published May 17, 2013 by jrm17

I have heard this many times in the past month or so.  “Me not like baby Layton or baby Chloe.”  “You not have a baby.”  My little Beezy is not happy with the new additions to our family nor is he too thrilled about plans I have in the next few years.  Today, Michael and I had a date with my boo, and let me tell you, it’s true when they say that kids say the darnest things.

First, we took him to the model train Museum, Roads and Rails in Frederick.  He’d been excited all week because I promised we’d go see Mater, who is in one of the displays there.  He got so excited when he saw Mater that we had to take a picture with him.  Then we got to the Thomas display.  He loves Thomas, anyway, but this was hilarious.  The display is only a few feet wide–no bigger than 4 feet.  Bry ran back and forth between the ends as he followed Thomas’s loop.  Then he was ready to go to the candy store.  He may have even sang about the candy store and the sucker he was about to get.

We made a quick stop at the park before the candy store.  I told him I didn’t care whose hand he held, but he had to take one of ours.  He looks at me…and grabs Michael’s.  So much for being appreciated here.  Then for the next few minutes all I heard was, “Push me, Jessie.  I want to swing.  Push me.”  Finally, I convinced him it was sucker time.

As we walked in the store, I knew what I wanted–a blackberry candy stick.  Bry knew he wanted a sucker.  We searched up and down for suckers, but the only one was the big unicorn suckers so that’s what he got.  I told him he’d been so good that he could pick out a candy stick to give to his mommy and daddy.  He hands me two strawberry and a lemon.  When I ask who is going to eat that, he tells me, “Michael will eat that.”  This kid is making some serious decisions for us.  It was then “smoogie” time (That’s how my little buddy says smoothie).

I shared a strawberry with him because he’d never finish a whole one.  What does he do when I hand it to him for a drink?  Sneezes all over the straw.  Lovely.  He was getting tired so I said we should stop near the fountain at City Hall and read a few books.  I thought that gave him a rest until we started walking back to the park.  You see, Bry’s nickname is Pokey because he is not a fast walker at all.  We’d been carrying him across the busier streets.  On the way back to the swings, he looks at me and can’t really tell me what he wants.  Finally, after I ask him what he wants, he takes the smoothie from my hand and says, “Michael hold this.”  Then he turns back to me and says, “You carry me.”  I love the kid, but he is a heavy little dude.  I got some muscles today.

But, the kid gets what the kid wants.  He’s so darn cute the lady in the candy store gave him a free gummy.  I wish I was that cute.  He wanted Michael to push him on the swings.  Guess who had to push him?  I think he’s got some serious choices made for me though.  I asked him a question that I’ve asked before, hoping that he’s better adjusted to his baby brother and cousin.  I go, “Brylin, can I have a baby?”  “No.”  “Why not?  Because you’re my baby?”  “No.  Me a big boy.”  “Okay, is it because you’re my buddy?”  “Mmmmhmmmmm.”  (He drags everything out.)  “But you’ll be able to play with my baby.  Don’t you want a little friend to play with?”  “That’s what Layton (his new brother) is for.”  Well.  I think I’ve just been out-rationalized by a 2-year-old.  I think he just might deserve to get his way for that thinking.

I’m telling you.  I love this kid more than anything.  I seriously laughed all day at him, and now I’m home, dead tired.  I was pretty sure before, but I’m definitely sure now that I am so not ready for kids.  I get why his mommy and daddy needed a break to be with just Layton.  He was super good for us, but it was super tiring anyway.


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