Uh O’s

Published June 1, 2013 by jrm17

Yesterday got kind of crazy so I never got a chance to write.  Now, I know I’ve written about “fans” before and my disappointment in them, but this time it is really serious.  This wasn’t idiots making me mad for not knowing things or drunk guys just annoying me with their…drunkenness.  This is about a friend getting seriously hurt because of those idiots.

You can read the story here, but the gist is that a guy I went to high school with is now seriously, seriously hurt because of two guys at an Orioles game.  I’ve sat where this happened, and the fall is pretty far. Matt fell straight onto concrete, and this is why there needs to be something done about drinking in stadiums.

I know I shouldn’t be one to talk because I like to have a drink every now and then, but I never get drunk in public, and everyone I know has noticed a serious change in the atmosphere at games this year.  All of a sudden, everyone thinks the reason to go to games is to get drunk.  At the last game we were at, Devin and I saw a guy already wasted an hour before the game even started.  That’s all you see anymore at games are drunk guys and drunk girls.

I’m not sure why the sudden change happened, but new rules need to be implemented.  Maybe there should only be one place where you can buy alcohol, and some way put forth so they know how many you’ve purchased.  Once you reach a certain number, you can’t buy anymore.  Maybe the problem is that there’s a million different stands to buy alcohol from, and we have the guys going up and down the seats selling it, too.  And, maybe last call should be before the 7th inning.  I think it should be somewhere between 2-4, especially considering how many people are drunk prior to the game from either heading straight into it when they walk through the gate or coming in drunk.  I don’t know if that’s something stadiums can do, but there could be something to keep people from coming in drunk.  I know at Camden Yards, a lot of people head over to Pickle’s Pub before the game to drink, and then go to the game to continue.

Honestly, I’ve never bought a drink at a game.  They are too expensive.  I can’t believe the prices don’t deter people more.  Anywhere from $8-$10 for one beer means that you could spend $60 for a 6 pack, probably more than your ticket cost.  Then there’s the bar up in the new area at OPACY where drinks cost up to $12 I think for premium mixed drinks.

That’s completely unnecessary.  If you need to drink hard liquor to enjoy the game, then maybe you shouldn’t be there.  I understand wanting to have a beer or two.  I’m not innocent here.  Almost every Bama game, Michael and I grab wine coolers (since I don’t like beer) and a pizza for during the game.  We don’t get drunk, though.

It’s ridiculous that a guy as nice as Matt, who would never pick a fight without cause, is this badly hurt because of this.  If something is not done about the drinking at games, this is only going to happen to more people.  It’s just stupid.


On a side note: Yes, drunk might be the wrong word to use, but if they were throwing beer, they were with alcohol.  If I’m wrong and they weren’t, I’m sorry and I should be corrected, but either way they were wrong.


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