Summer Lovin’

Published June 12, 2013 by jrm17

I’m a little out of inspiration for today (unless you really want to hear about my excellent shopping trips lately, but I’m pretty sure you don’t).  Therefore, I’m going to introduce you to a website I totally fell in love with last night: Total Frat/Sorority Move

I read a few articles last night from the TSM girls, and they could be my best friends.  They are funny.  They are smart.  They are so…sorority, and I love it. I’m especially a fan of the one about how to have a boyfriend and not suck.  I really want to send that one to my best friend who I have seen in over a month because her time with her new boyfriend is just soooooo important.  Alright, color me bitter, but I kind of need my best friend once in a while when the other one is all busy being engaged.  There’s only so much time with your boyfriend you need, and Michael and I are starting to run out of things to talk about (Other than my shopping.  I might have a light addiction).

Okay, I might be a superfan of this post, too.  In fact, let’s discuss the personal life of my Bama QB1.  Now, to call this girl an attention craving whatever, I’m all for.  You shouldn’t be staying the night and voluntarily saying you kissed a pretty prominent college player when he has a well known girlfriend.  With that said, I can’t stand his current girlfriend, AUBURN ALUM (!!!!) Miss Alabama (or whatever), Katherine Webb.  I find her to be just as attention craving and a bit of a traitor.  I’m clearly no Auburn fan, but if you missed that, little miss AUBURN is dating our QB.  You know, Auburn’s rivals, Bama.

Now, with all that being said, I don’t blame either girl.  McCarron’s going to the NFL. He’s got three National Championships, including 2 back to back that he QB’d for.  The boy is going places.  He’s really become a great player considering what I thought of him right after my dear McElory graduated.  But, all of this is his fault.  How about dating one girl (preferably one who is not from Auburn and isn’t looking for attention, but I get how the second part is hard to avoid.  I understand being with Webb though)?  And then, how about not letting a lingerie model or whatever she is stay at your house when you have said girlfriend?  Or at least don’t get caught.

I’m done my rant.  He can do whatever he wants in his personal life as long as it doesn’t mess with his game.  Let’s got for 16 this year.  Roll Tide!

Anyway, check out Total Sorority Move.  It’s really funny, and kept me entertained while I was bored on Pinterest (Okay, avoiding my Lilly obsession a bit longer because I’ve been on a huge kick, but it’s all the same thing really.  Maybe).

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