Bad Habits Die Hard

Published June 17, 2013 by jrm17

My name’s Jessie, and I’m a shopaholic (I might actually be.  I’m not exaggerating here).  I love Lilly Pulitzer, but I’m not ever going to spend the retail amount because I’m cheap.  However, there’s these wonderful other sites where I can get all the fun accessories, which aren’t out of my price range, and there’s Ebay, where I can bid to get everything cheap.  Ebay is a problem for me because I massively am addicted now.

You see, I love the Delta Gamma print (Girls of this sorority, not only am I totally jealous of you being at a college with the Greek system, but you have the cutest Lilly print ever).  I had been bidding on a iPhone case in the print.  I’d been watching it like a hawk and was winning with only a few minutes left.  I was on my phone so I decided I’d turn off my data (I’m on a pretty limited plan) and wait.  The time had passed so I went back, and I’d lost!  By only 50 cents in the last minutes of the bidding.  Darn sniper.

With my heartbroken, I immediately starting shopping like crazy again.  I’ve got a monogrammed koozie in Lucky Charms coming and a iphone case in the same print.  I’ve got two tabs open right now for the sparkle bag and the original tote at pretty good prices.  I really don’t need another bag, but let’s be honest.  One might be shipped to my house very soon.

Again, if we are being totally honest, I should have gone to a school with sororities because I’m basically a srat girl without a family.  My neighbor is a DZ, who thinks she’s the epitome of the Southern srat girl.  I could out do her any day.  I blame her for my current obsession though because yesterday she posted a really good picture at the beach with all my favorite things.  There was monograms and American flags and pink and travel cups and phones.  Well, guess who’s on the market for a monogrammed hat before the beach now?  I don’t think it will come in before we leave so I will be rocking my camo Bama hat.

I’ve been lucky though.  I have made some very adult decisions about shopping lately.  I didn’t spend any of my paycheck in the store this weekend.  There’s no flower ring on my finger is there?  I did not buy any Lilly dresses because I figured if you gotta think about whether or not you should buy a dress as much as I was, then it’s probably not the right decision.  I have not (yet) ordered a Lilly market bag because I’ve got a good many reusable bags.  I think I’ll wait until I actually have to grocery shop for one of these…maybe.  I’m probably not going to order the sparkle bag because it ends in less than an hour, and I’m not sure of the EK print.  See I’m being an adult….

….until I get my first adult paycheck after I start my career tomorrow.  Then we’ll see how adult I am.  I don’t think I’ll make a very good one.


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