Love Lilly

Published June 21, 2013 by jrm17

Michael just did a face palm when I told him, but Happy Wear Lilly Pulitzer Day (aka the first day of summer)!  He think I’m going to be incredibly bright, but I swear it’ll only be my polo, my wristlet, my koozie, and my iPhone case (Yay! I got mine!). Now, I don’t want to lose any of these contests (Who am I kidding?), but I figured I’d share some Lilly contests with you today.

First off, Lilly is doing an instagram contest.  Just instagram a picture of you and all your Lilly for the day to win.  I mean you could win a $1000 Lilly shopping spree.  Do you realize how many dresses and bags I could get?  It would be like Jessie heaven.  You really could get a good amount of stuff with $1000 to the store.  I’m already dreaming of how I’d spend it.  I’ll probably keep dreaming….

Next, College Prepster is giving away the new agendas that won’t be released until next month.  I love these agendas and will probably get one, but wouldn’t it be nice to win one instead?  They aren’t released until July 19 (I think that’s the date.  It’s some time around there if not).  I’m pretty crazy about being organized and having a schedule so this is the absolute perfect thing for me (This is also serving as a hint if anyone wants to buy me a present for being so awesome).

Finally, The Pink Silhouette, a Lilly Store in Bel Air, Md., is doing a giveaway for a $100 gift card to the store.  I’ve never been to the store since it’s on the other side of my state, but I’ve checked out their website.  Plus, how can you go wrong when they are a Lilly store?  It might not buy me a whole dress, but that sure gets the cost down to something I can live with.

Okay, so there is one more thing.  If you go on Lilly’s site today and buy something, you can get a few free gifts (in a super cute pattern).  A key chain comes free with any purchase (this might be reason enough for me to order the travel cup), and with a purchase or $250 or more, you get a cute wristlet.

Shop on, Lilly Lovers.  Today is Wear Lilly Day, but if we’re honest, it’s in season all year long.

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