The Countdown Begins

Published June 26, 2013 by jrm17

It’s officially less than a week, and I will be in my beloved OBX! First I have to get through five more days of work and the ALL JAYs tonight, but that’s easy. So, I thought I’d give you some inside to the best of the best in my homeland.

I guess we’ll start with restaurants.  On the first night, we will be at my favorite place in the world to eat (or at least one of them) The Pit.  If you want giant, delicious wraps, killa clubs (It’s on the menu), and awesome chips and salsa, this is where you want to go.  Plus, the owners are awesome, and the surf shop doesn’t exactly suck.  Another favorite of ours in Lucky 12 Tavern.  This is also a good place for sandwiches.  I’ve gotten the vegetarian philly every year because I can’t get enough of it.  The descriptions on the menu and items’ names are really funny.  It’s also the home of the Cougartini, which was created by the owner’s mom (and the owner looks like Duff from Ace of Cakes).  Lucky 12 is somewhere in a place where dive bar, biker bar, and diner meet and make a perfect combination.

If you are looking for pizza, I would recommend the veggie pizza at New York Pizza Pub and an order of their garlic knots to go with it.  We can basically wipe an out an entire pizza in no time.  Of course, we also get bacon on top, but what doesn’t go with bacon?  Finally, Mulligan’s is one of the absolute best places all around.  The crab cake is awesome.  The potato salad kicks butt, and I’m very picky about my potato salad.  The salad with the shrimp is excellent (and definitely order the tomato vinaigrette dressing).  The Mulligan–a burger with crab on top–has been named Best Burger on the Beach for like a million years running now.  I’m pretty sure it dates all the way back to when they were in the old building.  Even when it’s a bar, Mulligan’s is great.  My parents are big fans of the Orange Crush.  We did karaoke there last year.  It was pretty excellent.

The bets pier is Jennette’s down in Nags Head near us.  It’s really new.  This is the third or fourth summer it’s been open after being rebuilt after a hurricane.  There’s a shop inside, fish in an aquarium, and a really nice pier.  You can check out the Daredevils, part of a summer baseball league that college kids play in, and they are doing really well this season.   The last time I looked they’d only lost one game.  Manteo is a great little fishing village close by with cool shops and places to eat.  If you go into the Christmas Shoppe, you have to meet Eddie.  He is the coolest guy ever.  Just watch out.  He might run you over when he’s zipping around the store on his scooter.

Last but not least, you can drive up to Duck and Corolla or down to Salvo, Rodanthe, Avon, and Hatteras.  Opting for down, you will get to see the house used in Nights in Rodanthe.  It has been moved since then to protect it from storms, but it’s still really pretty.  It’s currently used as a rental for tourists.  Going up the road, you get to see my favorite lighthouse, the brick one in Corolla and the wild horses up there.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen them (or it was when I was really little if I did), but from the pictures, they are really pretty.

Okay, so I’m not giving away all my secrets, but these are enough to get you through.  Discovering your own is always more fun anyway.  I’d know.  I’ve spent the past like 18 years of my life in Nags Head for the summer.  All you need now is a pirate flag and an island girl.  Sorry.  I love that Kenny song.  I’m pretty sure I’m coming home with a pirate flag this year….


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