Big Brother Woes

Published July 11, 2013 by jrm17

I have been a Big Brother addict since day 1 of season 1. Unfortunately, the 15 season has started, and it’s just not the same. This year’s casting leaves a bit to be desired.

I kind of hate everyone on this season or just don’t really care about the others. It seems that everyone I follow on Twitter feels the same way. Of course, they all hate Elissa (or however you spell her name), but I love her…kind of. I really want to love her. I mean, I am a huge Rachel fan (not so much on the Brenden half), and she is Rachel’s sister. She looks like her, talks like her, dresses better than her. Why can’t I get as excited about her as Rachel? Um, probably because her game isn’t as good. Rachel was one of the best, if not the best, player in Big Brother history.

As far as girls go, I really like Helen and Candice as people, but they are kind of dull as players. This is week what 3? They’ve made no moves. There’s not really any game. Aaryn (how however you spell her horridness) just might be my least favorite person to ever play this game. She’s going after people because she lost David, and she loves David. Ummm, you knew him like 2 seconds. It was a smart move to get rid of him because he may have been stupid, but he was likeable and strong. Plus, she’s a straight biotch, and those racist remarks she made were just awful. How can you be mean to Helen and Harold and Andy about things like that? And let’s not lie here. Kaitlin being all over Jeremy is the most disgusting thing ever. She’s gushing all over him, and he’s all “babe.” It makes me want to puke. Just shut up, and please, do not procreate.

The guys confuse me a little more. I don’t like Jeremy. He’s a tool. I don’t really care for Judd. If I’m honest, David annoyed me. Nick, I’m not sure on. He seems to have a good game, but he’s a little too reminiscent of Dr. Will. There’s only room for one Will.  That’s enough of a guy like that. I thought I’d like Spencer, but he’s not doing a whole lot. I usually like the big dudes. I think I like Andy. Oddly enough, I thought I wouldn’t like him, but he seems pretty cool. A little more game from him would be nice…and interesting.  Out of all the guys, I like Howard the most. He’s smart; he’s cute; he’s strong; he is a really great example of a Christian. He’s just an all-around standup guy. I think that there’s probably going to be a lot of backlash on Big Brother for the religious stuff being shown, which is awful, but I really like Howard.

I guess I’ll have to give them all some more time, but normally, I’ve already got who’s going to win and who I want to win chosen. Probably because there’s usually more than one hot guy. Well, I’m leaving it up to Howard for now.


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