The Best Already Came

Published July 15, 2013 by jrm17

I know my days were all messed up last week, but I’m straightened out this week. This morning we left for a day trip, and I realized that sometimes you’ve already got some of the best memories ever, but you just need to jog them to understand.

We visited Luray Caverns and neighboring areas. I hadn’t been there since I was a little girl. Not much has changed but every time I turned around, I was saying something about when my pappy took me there a loooong time ago.

The only thing I remembered from the tour is the “fried eggs,” which were formed after a stalagmite broke. A few things I remembered when names were mentioned, but I remembered walking through the caverns with my paper, excited to see these eggs he kept telling me about. Then in the gift shop, I talked about how Pappy had bought me a pink rock, a blue rock, and a purple rock because those were my favorite colors.

Then, as we drove by Skyline Drive, I told Devin about when Pappy got pulled over. It was so funny when I was little that this happened. I also puked in his new van on the same trip and remembered stopping at Wendy’s afterwards. Pappy always has made sure his girl was taken care of.

Finally, we went to Dinosaurland. I was obsessed with dinosaurs when I was little because I loved Land Before Time. Mom and I got the same picture we had taken 20 years ago taken again today in the mouth of the shark. It was so cool walking through and remembering all the dinosaurs. Of course, I was busy calling them Little Foot and Cera and Ducky and Spick and Petri and Chomper but I was a kid of the ’90s after all. I also remember the time that Daddy found a snake in the mouth of the pterodactyl and his girlfriend, the cavewoman. Seriously, I would have worked and lived there if we were closer. I still love dinosaurs.

I love seeing the places I went to when I was little because I still love them but I have a better appreciation for them. Our summer day trip are always the most fun days of the year.


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