Screw This Crap

Published July 27, 2013 by jrm17

I’m going to go on a little bit of a rant here about using people (Also, I just realized I haven’t been posting because I completely forgot en lieu of my new workout).

I’m a strong believer in treating people with respect and nicely and all that jazz but selfishness seems to be the trend among people.

I’ve had my job for about a month-month and a half something like that. I have a family member, who never really cares about anything I do, Facebook me to ask me a favor to put something in the newspaper.

Okay, yes, I very much appreciate the graduation present. Better late than never, I guess, and I really like the clothes I bought with it since I already deposited my other generous gifts months ago. But I’m just a writer. I haven’t been there that long. If you want something in the newspaper, go the route that normal people do. Email my editor or call with the information. Don’t be all “Hey, put this in. Thanks.” I deal with enough douchnozzles every day. I’d prefer not having more.

No one in my family would ever use another in our extended family’s positions like that. But whatever…

In other news, I’ve finally started working out again, and I love it. And as always, I’m still in search of all the Lilly I can buy.


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