We’re Back

Published July 9, 2013 by jrm17

Yes, it’s a very weird children’s movie (watch That Guy With Glasses review it if you don’t believe me), but it also means that sadly I am back to the real world after being in the Outer Banks the past week. I’m already a bit overwhelmed with work, but I do have a little bit to say.

Now, I’ve had the predestination/free will debate a lot. I’ve come to the conclusion that somethings are predetermined and others are simply fate because of the choices you make. Read the rest of this entry →


Sparkin’ Interest

Published June 28, 2013 by jrm17

This is going to be a quick one because I’m all in a tizzy about heading to the beach in a few days. That being the case, I have been trying to finish True Believer by Nicholas Sparks before we head down there. Reading this one has really enforced what I already knew: Nick Sparks might just be my favorite author. Read the rest of this entry →

Love Lilly

Published June 21, 2013 by jrm17

Michael just did a face palm when I told him, but Happy Wear Lilly Pulitzer Day (aka the first day of summer)!  He think I’m going to be incredibly bright, but I swear it’ll only be my polo, my wristlet, my koozie, and my iPhone case (Yay! I got mine!). Now, I don’t want to lose any of these contests (Who am I kidding?), but I figured I’d share some Lilly contests with you today. Read the rest of this entry →

Bad Habits Die Hard

Published June 17, 2013 by jrm17

My name’s Jessie, and I’m a shopaholic (I might actually be.  I’m not exaggerating here).  I love Lilly Pulitzer, but I’m not ever going to spend the retail amount because I’m cheap.  However, there’s these wonderful other sites where I can get all the fun accessories, which aren’t out of my price range, and there’s Ebay, where I can bid to get everything cheap.  Ebay is a problem for me because I massively am addicted now. Read the rest of this entry →

The Lilly Girl Knows Best

Published June 14, 2013 by jrm17

The Lilly Girl is always full of surprises.  She lives every day like it’s a celebration.  Never has a dull moment and makes every hour a happy hour.  Our dear Lilly Pulitzer said this to describe the girls (like me) who absolutely adore her clothes and every thing they represent (Well, me when I can afford it and find it cheap…just saying).  Something else about Lilly girls is that we are always learning…about the best of everything!  Here’s some things I’ve learned lately… Read the rest of this entry →